Posted 2 июля 2021,, 16:24

Published 2 июля 2021,, 16:24

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Miss Sponsor or Miss Moscow? Internet users evaluated the main Moscow beauty

Miss Sponsor or Miss Moscow? Internet users evaluated the main Moscow beauty

2 июля 2021, 16:24
The appearance of "Miss Moscow-2021" caused a negative reaction in Moscow social networks.

As you know, the 25th anniversary beauty contest “Miss Moscow-2021” was held in the capital of Russia, in which the jury chose “the most beautiful, talented and erudite resident of Belokamennaya”.

The competition was attended by 34 girls from 18 to 32 years old, who, as usual, passed several tests - including fashion shows, dances and answers to questions, since in such competitions not only external data are assessed, but also "reading". The topic of this competition was the history of space exploration. The questions posed to the participants were striking in their "complexity":

“What did Yuri Gagarin say before the flight into space?”, “Which planet is the largest?”, “How many times did the first cosmonaut fly around the Earth?”, “Was there a man on Mars?”.

It is not known what the situation is now, but in the days of the USSR, pupils of senior groups of kindergartens could answer such questions. However, times are changing...

After all the tests, the jury awarded the crown to the main beauty of the capital, Alya Salamova. The happy winner, about whose personal life practically nothing is known, said that she plans to get a higher education, achieve success in the profession and do business in the beauty field, as well as travel more, reports Cosmopolitan.

“I am incredibly happy to win the 25th anniversary contest“ Miss Moscow 20/21 ”. I will be proud to wear the title and I don’t stop there, more - more!” - she said. And she admitted that she intends to participate in the competitions "Beauty of Russia" and "Miss Universe".

Attention is drawn to the fact that Salamova already has the title “Miss Rublevskaya Beauty” in her collection.

This event did not pass by the attention of social networks, which have already compared Salamova to the wife of former US President Donald Trump, Melania Trump.

Leaving aside the "space erudition" of the new "Miss Moscow", as well as her blatant imitation of Western models of "beauty", the question remains: is this really the most beautiful girl in the capital? Or, as such, we are given the most beautiful girl in the opinion of the sponsor of this competition?

Here's what Moscow bloggers think about this:

- This girl cannot be considered the most beautiful girl in Moscow. Muscovites should be very offended;

- In fact, this very, all chipped, maiden reflects the spirit of Sobyanin Moscow, where there is nothing alive, only carrion;

- Her nose is not her own and it is VERY visible. The nostrils are characteristic. Now they do it much less noticeably. The man saved...

- Rich inner world. loves Petratrka. plays the harp, candidate master of sports in synchronized swimming, seven publications in Questions of Topology, a concert for oboe and orchestra in B minor...

- A worthy choice, reflects the female ideal of the sponsors of these "contests".