Posted 6 июля 2021,, 10:47

Published 6 июля 2021,, 10:47

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The crew and passengers of the An-26 missing in Kamchatka found dead

The crew and passengers of the An-26 missing in Kamchatka found dead

6 июля 2021, 10:47
Фото: РБК
The wreckage of the An-26 aircraft that disappeared today was found during a survey of the territory from a helicopter. According to preliminary data, all passengers and crew died. A total of 28 people.
Airplane crash

According to Life, the wreckage was found 3.8 km from the Kamchatka village of Palana, the destination of the flight. The publication indicates that, according to preliminary data, the board could crash into the coastal rock.

Telegram channel Baza indicates that the plane crashed onto the shore, where it was supposed to fly at an altitude of 600-800 meters. Parts of the stabilizer were found on the hill, and the tail was found on the cliff. The message says that the plane was completely destroyed, and some of its parts were washed into the sea.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the entire crew and passengers were killed.

The Kamchatka Territory government has published a list of An-26 passengers. There are 22 names on the list, including the head of the Palana village Olga Mokhireva. Also among the indicated are Alexandra Andreikina, Olga Andreikina, Pyotr Ayani, Sergey Boyarshin, Alexander Karimulin, Mikhail Kudashkin, Konstantin Laptev, Yevgeny Levitsky, Alyona Lisichkina, Tatyana Mayorova, Maria Nesterova, Yevgeny Nesteruk, Yekaterina Ponikarova, Anastasia Popel, Ivan Sivak, Yuri Stolyarova Julia Surovtseva, Artyom Tishchenko, Olga Ustinova, Alisa Khvaleyeva, Maria Shirokova. Two of the passengers are children.

it's worth reminding that the message about the loss of the An-26 in the Kamchatka Territory was received today after the plane did not get in touch. Initially, it was suggested that the board could fall into the Sea of Okhotsk. Later, reports began to appear that they allegedly managed to catch a weak signal from the aircraft, but the Ministry of Emergency Situations did not confirm this data. Rescuers from the regional capital and the village of Ossora moved out to search. The search operation involved two helicopters and a special aircraft.

A criminal case was initiated on the fact of the incident.

The head of Kamchatka, Vladimir Solodov, said that a psychological headquarters was deployed, and decisions on compensation payments to the families of the victims would soon be prepared.