Posted 9 июля 2021,, 15:25

Published 9 июля 2021,, 15:25

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The head physician of Kaluga polyclinic was removed from work after "vaccination" with saline

The head physician of Kaluga polyclinic was removed from work after "vaccination" with saline

9 июля 2021, 15:25
Фото: Подъем
In the Kaluga region, is gaining momentum the scandal associated with the "vaccination" with saline. Following the promise to dismiss the guilty nurse from work, the head physician of the polyclinic was dismissed.

The scandal with saline instead of covid vaccine in the Kaluga clinic became known the day before.

According to the publication "Podyem", the head physician of the polyclinic Mahmud Choriyev was sent on vacation.

“Before him, the nurse Khanum Safaryan went on vacation, who injected two patients with an aqueous solution instead of the coronavirus vaccine,” the newspaper said.

According to the regional governor Vladislav Shapsha, the nurse will obviously be fired.

The reason for the incident was that on June 26, a nurse in a state clinic was allegedly afraid to tell the couple that the vaccine had run out, and instead of a second dose, she injected them with saline. Moreover, the patient was a relative of a doctor at the same clinic. And soon the incident became known. In total, two people received salt water instead of a vaccine.

“The attempt to replace the vaccine with water, of course, did not go unnoticed”, - the governor said.

He explained that later the second component of the CoviVac vaccine was found for the patient, and it happened on the same day. After the emergency, the institution began to check.

Earlier it was reported that against the background of the introduction of covid restrictions, an increase in morbidity and mortality in a number of regions, interruptions in vaccination began due to a lack of vaccines.