Posted 9 июля 2021,, 09:49

Published 9 июля 2021,, 09:49

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"We parted by mutual agreement": Cherchesov said that he was not fired

"We parted by mutual agreement": Cherchesov said that he was not fired

9 июля 2021, 09:49 coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov said that the RFU did not fire him, since all the tasks prescribed in the contract were completed. The decision to leave, according to Cherchesov, was mutual.

“We talked yesterday, discussed the situation and, by mutual agreement, I decided to leave. I wished good luck to the new coaching staff, so that when it appears, they will be able to complete the task of reaching the finals of the World Championship", - Cherchesov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The ex-coach of the national team noted that the question of his resignation was closed "on conditions that are comfortable for the RFU." Moreover, on the eve of his dismissal, Cherchesov wrote an application for a vacation, which he plans to spend in Ossetia.

It's worth reminding that yesterday, July 8, the Russian Football Union (RFU) terminated the contract with Cherchesov and his coaching staff. There is no definite candidate for his place yet. Now the RFU is looking for a new head coach. In particular, Leonid Slutsky, who has already headed the national team, Sergei Semak and Valery Karpin are being considered.

Talk about the dismissal of Cherchesov began after the team's failure at Euro 2020. The Russian national team took the last place in the group, losing to the Danes in the decisive match with a score of 4: 1. For early termination of the contract, Cherchesov is entitled to a penalty, but he refused it.