Posted 12 июля 2021, 13:59

Published 12 июля 2021, 13:59

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Afghanistan continues to function as a graveyard of empires

12 июля 2021, 13:59
Алина Витухновская
It seems that the current ruling regime in Russia wanted to merge with Brezhnev's beyond recognition.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

And although, using the comparative method of historical comparisons, Brezhnevism can in no way be attributed to a period of large-scale rampant bloody repressions, it nevertheless managed to bring its share of non-illusory suffering to Soviet, and later to Russian society.

This is the final undermining the civil economy, the rocket arms race that has become absolutely senseless, the punitive psychiatry put on stream, the stifling atmosphere of gray everyday and cultural despair (the so-called stagnation), as well as participation in multiple military conflicts around the world, to which they were sacrificed forced citizens.

However, this piece of our common history would be incomplete without one such "small victorious war", which resulted in a 10-year confrontation with a numerous, dangerous and elusive enemy in Afghanistan. The military began to fulfill their "international duty" without much zeal, but not without the same enthusiasm that, like appetite, comes with eating.

By the way, to all those who like to recall the 90s of the last century in a negative way, I want to note that the basis of the then widespread banditry was laid, among other things, by the Afghan events, when thousands of young men who went through the crucible of war and returned back could not find yourself in a peaceful life, replenishing the army of outrageous and thugs.

Today, the Afghan "mujahideen" from the Russian organization banned by the state (!) Themselves have come to the Kremlin for high-level talks, and after that they even gave a press conference. How do you like that? This is too much even for the most reckless political strategists of the obese 2000s. As they say, here you are good gentlemen, you have outdone yourself. To set up an agreement with militant armed religious fanatics to provide another "help to the brotherly people"?

In 2021, NATO decided to finally withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. And a holy place, as you know, is never empty. Thus, two auxiliary political players enter the scene - Russia and China. They will play the role of a kind of cleaners, rather marginal and unenviable.

In one of my campaign texts, in 2018, I wrote on this topic:

“In no case should Russia conduct hostilities on foreign territories, except, for example, designated by the UN international mandate as peacekeeping missions as part of an international peacekeeping contingent - and then only if it is beneficial to Russia.

For example, if it also makes some sense to send Russian contractors as part of an international peacekeeping mission to Afghanistan, because it borders on Russia's southern borders, then there is no reason to send Russian peacekeepers to Africa or South America, where Russia cannot speak of any national interests. be out of the question".

In the current situation, if the participation of an international peacekeeping contingent in Afghanistan is not planned, then Russia has nothing to do there, definitely. But it is quite possible to think about helping countries bordering on a zone of potential conflict.

Afghanistan, among other things, which previously attracted empires by its advantageous geographical position - the intersection of the main trade routes from the East to Europe, contains one of the largest deposits of lithium - a valuable raw material for the battery industry. There is almost a trillion dollars of this metal in Afghan soil, but the problem is that investments in the extractive industry will become real and possible only if its security is ensured.

If, nevertheless, there is a joint intervention of Russia and China on the territory of Afghanistan, then despite the previously concluded agreements and other consensus between the countries, an armed conflict between yesterday's partners will be inevitable, proceeding from the very totalitarian nature of these states. Especially considering the fact that both of them have nuclear weapons, the situation could be fatal for the whole world.

However, the cynical Russian state can always hurry up and throw its yesterday's fighting clowns, comic mercenaries and deviant passionaries who have passed the experience of the Ukrainian, Syrian and African directions into the crucible of the future Afghan conflict. Only this time everything will be more serious. So, for example, Prilepin will no longer have to fire at the Ukrainians from mortars from closed positions, but run through the mountains with a dusty duffel bag, jumping over mines and ambushes. National patriotism has a bravura beginning and a sad end. Doubters - watch the movie Ninth Company.

All I can state for today is that Afghanistan continues to function as a cemetery of empires.