Posted 12 июля 2021,, 14:37

Published 12 июля 2021,, 14:37

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Dry cargo ship Evergreen, which blocked the Suez Canal, is no longer needed

Dry cargo ship Evergreen, which blocked the Suez Canal, is no longer needed

12 июля 2021, 14:37
Almost all shippers, whose containers are still on board the ship, ended up with their cargoes, having received insurance for them.

The Evergreen cargo ship, stuck in the spring in the Suez Canal and paralyze traffic on this important traffic artery, is still at anchor off the coast of Egypt, according to blogger Gruppman, with reference to Bloomberg.

The fact is that for all the losses caused to them, the administration of the Suez Canal (ASK) demands from the owners of the vessel 916 million US dollars. This is how much the work on removing the dry cargo ship from aground, lost profits and compensation for moral damage are assessed.

This gigantic amount caused a scandal between lawyers and insurance companies, as a result of which extremely interesting facts about the activities of ASK were revealed, including the extortions to which it subjects the captains of passing ships, as well as the competence of pilots.

The main cause of the accident was also found out, it turned out that during the escorting of the dry cargo ship, two pilots quarreled on its captain's bridge. Some were opposed to such a giant ship going along the canal, the other - for. And when the ship began to "prowl", the pilots suggested increasing its speed, which led to the turn of the ship, which, in turn, led to the fact that it "sat down".

In the end, ASK accepted this explanation and reduced the amount to US $ 550 million. And the dry cargo ship left the Egyptian port...

But then he dropped the anchor again!

It turned out that now he is not expected anywhere, since he has left all the schedules, and they simply will not find a place for him in the port of destination - in Rotterdam.

In addition, many shippers have already abandoned the containers he carries, having received insurance for them, and therefore no one will unload them - at whose expense should they be kept in port terminals?

Nobody really knows what the poor dry cargo ship should do now...