Posted 12 июля 2021,, 17:05

Published 12 июля 2021,, 17:05

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Personal experience: scammers have come up with a new "scam" on Avito

Personal experience: scammers have come up with a new "scam" on Avito

12 июля 2021, 17:05
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The Petersburg resident almost suffered from scammers when he tried to sell a musical instrument on a popular website.

Fraudsters come up with more and more ways to withdraw money from gullible citizens. And sometimes even those who are not too gullible, if they come up with something especially sophisticated. Today one of the most popular tools has become the innocent delivery of purchased goods. Publications about this have already appeared in various media, but, unfortunately, many still do not know about it. St. Petersburg writer Lev Usyskin shared his experience of selling an electronic piano synthesizer on the Avito website. He only miraculously did not fall victim to malefactors, and the vigilance of Sberbank saved him:

“I made an ad. An answer from a certain Maria comes in his personal account: "Give me more pictures, I'm ready to buy, send them to someone else".

Thus, communication is taken away from the Avito-controlled chat.

Okay. I am sending a video. She is? Yes, great, I'm buying, can you send to Solnechnogorsk through their delivery? Me: what should I do? I have never contacted a delivery. She: but nothing, I will arrange and pay for everything myself, you will receive confirmation. And it seems to send a scan of the alleged delivery rules - and there is such item 3 - supposedly for verification, an amount equal to the purchase price is withdrawn from the seller's card for 5 minutes.

Well, I'm banging my ears - yes, good. She: I make out. Oh, by the way, give your email for confirmation - they demand.

If I were smarter, I would have stopped here: my mail is known to the Avito system. But the customer is not. But I keep clapping my ears and mailing her.

And now various interesting letters come to my mail, allegedly from Avito, from the payment system, etc. I would like to look carefully at the addresses of the senders, they are not entirely from the @ domain, but I continue to clap my ears and do everything according to their scenario: I accept SMS with a code, I enter it into the window on the payment page. In short, cranks.

But here comes to the rescue ... Sberbank. He blocks the operation as suspicious. And along with the whole map. I'm calling. Yes, they say, you decide - to conduct or not. Me: can you unblock, but not carry out? Sberbank: no, if we unblock it, we'll do it right there.

And at that moment I cooled down a bit and said: wait a minute, I will contact, as you advise, with Avito's support. I contacted - they tell me that no one has issued an order with delivery according to my announcement. Well, at this point I began to notice everything: strange addresses, and a mail request, and the fact that Avito wrote in my very ad that no delivery was performed for this type of goods.

In short, nothing happened.

But we have to admit - it was executed technically: there is even a widget with a chat on these fake payment pages. where they answer questions, it is provided, and very promptly answering - the fraudster persuaded me to use it.

In short, who will sell on Avito with delivery: of course, nothing is debited from the seller, but money is transferred to him only upon receipt of the goods by the buyer, before that they are reserved on Avito's account..."

Interestingly, the number of victims of just such "wiring" is so great that they even turned out to be among the readers of this blog:

- Congratulations! Directly my first experience with Avito, only I quickly realized that there should not be anyone CVV in the form to receive money.

- And so I lost 6,000 rubles.