Posted 12 июля 2021,, 13:41

Published 12 июля 2021,, 13:41

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The authorities of St. Petersburg did not notice the outbreak of covid after the "Scarlet Sails" holiday

The authorities of St. Petersburg did not notice the outbreak of covid after the "Scarlet Sails" holiday

12 июля 2021, 13:41
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The vice-governor of St. Petersburg stated that the many-thousand-year "Scarlet Sails" holiday allegedly did not have a negative impact on the incidence of coronavirus in the city.

After the "Scarlet Sails" holiday in St. Petersburg, there was no sharp increase in the number of coronavirus infections among graduates and their families, Vice Governor Irina Potekhina said on the Vkontakte social network.

“We can summarize the monitoring results: there were no signs of an epidemic trace from the“ Scarlet Sails ” graduation event. And if in human language: all these 14 days, when an outbreak could have manifested itself, the number of cases from the observed group was gradually decreasing", - the Interfax official quotes the statement.

Earlier, social media users sharply criticized the actions of the St. Petersburg authorities, which allowed a mass event "Scarlet Sails" to be held in the city in the midst of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, during which sanitary restrictions were not observed. A holiday for graduates of St. Petersburg schools took place in St. Petersburg on the night of June 26. It was attended by about 40 thousand people. Earlier it was reported that the total number of spectators of the holiday could reach 1.2 million people.

The governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Belov, explained that the celebration was held in person by the fact that "the parents asked very much," and the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that during the celebration, all the instructions of Rospotrebnadzor were allegedly followed. However, numerous photographs and videos testify to the opposite: most of the participants in the celebration were without masks, social distance was also not respected. After such mass events, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, asked to ban them.

At the same time, Peskov admitted that "the outbreak of the coronavirus is really active in Moscow, unfortunately, and in St. Petersburg".

Four days after the holiday, it became known that 669 people died from coronavirus in Russia in the day on June 30. This is the maximum for the entire time of the pandemic. The previous anti-record was revealed the day before - then 652 people died. In total, 5,514,599 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Russia that day, of which 135,214 became lethal. In just a day, 21,042 Russians were diagnosed with coronavirus. During the same time, 669 people died. The largest number of deaths per day was recorded in Moscow (117) and St. Petersburg (111).

At the same time, the candidate of biological sciences, analyst Alexei Kupriyanov said: "Unfortunately, the statistics of the interdepartmental city council of St. Petersburg on the fight against the pandemic indicating the number of cases and hospitalized in hospitals with COVID-19 are no longer published." Obviously, so as not to spoil the holiday for the authorities.