Posted 13 июля 2021,, 15:02

Published 13 июля 2021,, 15:02

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Lyubov Kazarnovskaya: "A school of severe blows is destined for mankind. Awake!"

13 июля 2021, 15:02
Opera singer Lyubov Kazarnovskaya on her YouTube channel continues to publish appeals to Russians, in which she shares her thoughts about what is happening and talks about how, in her opinion, it is worth behaving in the crisis circumstances of the new reality. The new video is titled "Awake Man!"

“Recently, we have observed different periods of what attacks are being made by darkness on humanity today, and how the person himself and the people who are at the head of states deal with it.

We had several months of calm, I would say, not such active attacks, despite the fact that the precautions were asked to be observed. But people felt the breath of freedom.

Cafes and restaurants were full, theaters began to work, cinemas began to work, people began to travel as much as possible - with restrictions, but still.

And many had the thought: here it is, it has carried it, thank God, we are returning to our old life, we will enjoy it in the same way, we will enjoy each other's company, we will go to theaters, we will travel, our children will not study online , go to schools, colleges, institutes ...

This is an illusion that we were kept in for some time.

In our country there really was this illusion and many began to say that Russia is ahead of the rest of the planet and we will now really return to our former life.

And now we see what is happening, I will not list what exactly, you know it yourself, you see it.

But today, everything is much harsher, much harsher.

I would say that today a school of severe blows is in store for humanity.

And what to do with it is up to each of you to decide. There is a choice, believe me, I know it for sure. There is a choice for everyone, there is a choice for the country, for the fatherland, and there is a choice for the world.

And in each of you, as you make this choice, according to the choice you make today, your fate, the fate of your family, the fate of your loved ones, the fate, if you will, of the Motherland and Fatherland will be decided.

And what is this choice? And this choice is prescribed by the Creator-Creator Himself.

And the main words that I want to convey to you: we are all one before God, we are equal before God, and there are no firsts among us and no last ones.

...Today humanity, most of it, vibrates in dissonant vibrations in relation to the Universe, in relation to the Creator-Creator.

We do not believe to the end, we believe that we will come to church, light candles, write notes ... And when we leave the temple, we become a person of everyday life.

We do not carry within us this particle of God, a particle of this great faith.

But let's carry it constantly, every second. And show him: I am ready, I am waiting for You here to accept You completely. For you are me, and I am you. And I become a co-creator of that reality, which is God, which is God-consciousness.

And when we understand this, we will see how everything changes on Earth.

Everything will absolutely change and the vibrations of darkness will be extinguished.

Because a person who has passed the state of a co-creator, into a state of mind, a reasonable person, a person with God inside - such a person is able to change absolutely everything around him. "

You can listen to the full address of Lyubov Kazarnovskaya here.