Posted 13 июля 2021, 06:23

Published 13 июля 2021, 06:23

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Migrants staged a mass brawl in the Moscow district of Kuzminki

13 июля 2021, 06:23
The reason for the mass brawl of migrants at the Kuzminki metro station in Moscow was stab wounds received by two natives of Kyrgyzstan on July 11 during the conflict between them and immigrants from Tajikistan. The conflict took place in Khimki.

According to the REN TV channel, the comrades of the victims made an appointment for the opponents at 19:00 in Kuzminki. Nobody came at the appointed time. At the same time, at the same time, in neighboring areas, the police began to detain aggressive-minded migrants.

Closer to midnight near the Kuzminki metro station, on Zadolskaya Street, 180 people from among the representatives of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan staged a fight. 94 people were detained by law enforcement officers, the rest fled. Two participants in the fight were hospitalized.

It is known that the fighters interfered with cars and pedestrians, running out onto the sidewalks and the road.

Recall that at the end of last month in the capital, migrants fought with football fans. The latter were the initiators of the scuffle.

In May, about a hundred migrants started a fight in St. Petersburg , using truncheons and rebar, about a hundred migrants, half of whom were detained.