Posted 15 июля 2021, 11:41

Published 15 июля 2021, 11:41

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The prosecutor's office dismissed the case of a Muscovite who was dragged out of the Multifunctional Public Services Center by the police

15 июля 2021, 11:41
Valentina Muzhenskaya, who was dragged out of the Multifunctional Public Services Center MPSC by Moscow law enforcement officers for refusing to wear a mask, was prosecuted for the use of violence against a police officer, but now it has been dropped due to lack of data on the crime.
Moscow region

This was reported by RIA Novosti, citing its source.

“However, in connection with the incident at the MPSC, a woman was brought to administrative responsibility under a number of articles, including for being in a public place without personal protective equipment,” said the agency's interlocutor.

The Moscow headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that Muzhenskaya was behaving aggressively, “hitting the police officer several times on the leg and biting the second law enforcement officer”. Administrative protocols were drawn up against it under articles on violation of the requirements of the high alert regime on the territory of Moscow and disobedience to the lawful order of police officers. Later, a criminal case on the use of violence against a government official was added to this.

When this was happening in MPSC it was filmed on video by witnesses, and then they spread it on the Internet, thus the public can see what really happened in the MPSC.

The muzhskaya took off her mask as she got sick in line. The police officers asked her to "go" with them, but she refused. Then they took her out of the building - at first they tried to twist her, to which she begged to let her go, saying that her daughter (as it turned out later, a minor) was waiting for her in the car, and then dragged her along the asphalt when she lost consciousness. Those who were at the MFC asked to release Mujenskaya, indicated that she had lost consciousness, but law enforcement officers dragged her out of the building and put her on the asphalt, holding her by her hair.

After the incident, the All-Russian Women's Union "Hope of Russia" appealed to the Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov with a request to cancel the decision to initiate a criminal case, and also to consider the issue of the responsibility of the police, who, according to the organization, "violated both the spirit and the letter of the law".

As it turned out later, the 15-year-old daughter Muzenskaya, who was waiting for her in the car, was picked up by "the carriage and accompanied by her mother to the police department, where she was handed over to her father who had arrived".