Posted 15 июля 2021,, 12:35

Published 15 июля 2021,, 12:35

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

The question of the day: who will work when all the unvaccinated are removed?

The question of the day: who will work when all the unvaccinated are removed?

15 июля 2021, 12:35
According to media reports, mass layoffs of metro employees and tram drivers have already begun in Moscow, who refused to be vaccinated and to sign a corresponding commitment.

As already reported by Novye Izvestia, Rostrud allowed unvaccinated employees to be removed from work at a remote location. The grounds for the suspension of an employee from work due to compulsory vaccination in the region specified by Rostrud say that remote workers are not exempt from the requirement to be vaccinated, and their transfer to a remote format is not an alternative to suspension.

Rostrud indicated that it is possible to return an employee to the workplace only when he is vaccinated or after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

In this regard, network analyst Dmitry Milin asks a legitimate question:

“I’m wondering who will work if all the unvaccinated are removed? Rostrud found the rationale for such a decision in article 76 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation; other regulatory legal acts that can be specially tailored to the situation with a pandemic can become a support for such a decision. Restrictions on travel rights, the introduction of QR codes and deprivation of income (suspension or dismissal from work) are the only effective measures, from the point of view of the authorities, to achieve the target for universal vaccination of 60%. It is interesting that already now many are ready to take a withdrawal from the service on their own, just not to be vaccinated.

So, in Moscow, they began to massively fire metro employees and tram drivers who refused to get vaccinated and sign a corresponding commitment, according to trade union leaders. According to one of them, even those who cannot be vaccinated because of the medical withdrawal are fired. The capital's transport workers began to discuss the conduct of the strike; the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is ready to support them. On the eve, information was received about the independent withdrawal of doctors for concealment in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, who urgently had to be re-equipped from the brigades of other areas.

The bosses are demanding to start removing people from August 15th. However, corporate lawyers have not yet found a compelling reason for this, believing that Rostrud's letter asks more questions than answers. But officials are confident that "everything is clear anyway" and no one can escape the vaccination. According to the department, the unvaccinated will be able to return to work after vaccination or at the end of the pandemic..."