Posted 16 июля 2021,, 09:23

Published 16 июля 2021,, 09:23

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Tikhanovskaya will pay a working visit to the USA

Tikhanovskaya will pay a working visit to the USA

16 июля 2021, 09:23
The leader of the Belarusian opposition and ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya (pictured) will pay a working visit to the United States. There she wants to meet with politicians, experts and the Belarusian diaspora.

As reported in Tikhanovskaya's Telegram channel, she will arrive in the United States on July 18. During the visit, the politician will visit Washington, New York and California. “There she plans to hold summit meetings with politicians, experts and, of course, the diaspora. The purpose of the trip is to find ways to solve the crisis in Belarus and help Belarusians”, - the message says.

At the same time, the program of Tikhanovskaya's visit to the United States is still in the elaboration stage. What kind of meetings she plans to hold is still unknown. "Tikhanovskaya's team will inform about specific meetings as soon as it becomes possible", - the Telegram channel emphasizes.

Earlier, Tikhanovskaya said that residents of Belarus are interested in strengthening European sanctions against the current authorities of the republic. She noted that "after the rigged elections, the reaction of the European Union was quite quick." We will remind that the protests in Belarus began in August last year. They were provoked by the unfair, in the opinion of many residents, the results of the presidential elections. 80% of voters voted for Alexander Lukashenko, and about 10% voted for the main opposition candidate Tikhanovskaya. Meanwhile, the protesters are convinced that in fact the results are "mirror-like", and the election results were falsified in favor of Lukashenko.