Posted 20 июля 2021,, 14:47

Published 20 июля 2021,, 14:47

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Russian researchers: contacts with UFO usually occur in dreams

Russian researchers: contacts with UFO usually occur in dreams

20 июля 2021, 14:47
Фото: The Economic Times
Contacts with aliens, which some people talk about, often happen in the so-called lucid dreaming, when the sleeping person is aware of what is happening and is even partially able to control him.

Stories about encounters with green men have been recorded since the 19th century. As a rule, "witnesses" tell that when abducted by aliens they feel paralyzing horror and are not able to do anything to protect themselves. This state of paralysis, as well as the general fabulousness of the atmosphere inherent in "meetings", led scientists from the Moscow Phase Research Center to study this phenomenon by immersing people in the so-called lucid dreaming. It is reported by LiveScience.

The Moscow Phase Research Center (PRC) is a private scientific institution that studies the phase phenomenon, its nature and methods of control. As explained on the site of the center, "the phase includes such concepts of a dissociative nature as popularly known out-of-body experiences (OBE), lucid dreams (LD), astral projections (AP), since they are of the same nature".

In an experiment described in the International Journal of Dream Research, Moscow researchers studied 152 adults who reported having had lucid dreaming experiences. During lucid dreaming, dreamers are aware that they are dreaming and can use their knowledge to manipulate what happens in the dream. About 55% of all people experience lucid dreams one or more times in their lives, and 23% have them at least monthly, according to a recent study. Participants in the Moscow experiment were asked to "summon aliens or UFOs" during lucid dreaming. 114 participants said that they tried to achieve contact with an alien in a dream. 61% described aliens that resembled characters from science fiction novels and movies, and in their dreams 19% of the aliens looked like ordinary people.

One participant said that she saw "little men" with blue skin, large heads and "huge bulging eyes", and when they invited her to their spacecraft, she was "blinded by a very bright light, like from a searchlight". “I went blind, felt dizzy and light-headed,” the woman said. Another participant said that he dreamed that he was lying in his bed, and then felt that he was "being dragged somewhere", and saw a certain white silhouette next to him, which reached out to his chest and began "to do something inside with tools"...

In 26% of the encounters, conversations with aliens took place, 12% of the participants interacted physically with the aliens, in 28% of the cases there were UFOs, and 10% of the dreamers were brought aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Participants who described their encounters as “realistic” experienced sleep paralysis and intense fear in 24% of the cases. As the authors of the study write, such emotions often accompany reports of alleged alien abductions. And while people who report such cases may actually believe that the incident was real, it is more likely that they experienced the encounter during a lucid dream. The reason it seems real is that the feeling of paralyzing horror is so strong that the line between sleep and reality is completely erased, and a person begins to sincerely believe that he has actually been in a UFO.