Posted 21 июля 2021,, 18:06

Published 21 июля 2021,, 18:06

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Main attack direction: British "birds" against Russia and China

Main attack direction: British "birds" against Russia and China

21 июля 2021, 18:06
In London, it was announced that the British military special forces SAS (airborne special forces) will soon be reoriented to carry out "high-risk missions at the level of confrontation with individual states." The first candidates for special operations were Russia and China.

Gennady Charodeev

The British call the SAS special forces fighters "feathered" for the fact that they, allegedly destroying the enemy, do it "easily and unnoticed." All this was invented by journalists. Although based in Credenhill, Herefordshire, the 22nd SAS is one of the best trained special forces in the world. The regiment always follows its motto: "He who takes risks wins".

Until May 5, 1980, very few Britons knew anything about the SAS, not excluding even the very fact of its existence. However, that day the situation changed radically: millions of TV viewers around the world watched a live broadcast of how people dressed in black overalls and body armor, armed with MP5 submachine guns, stormed the Iranian embassy in London and rescued many hostages, destroying everyone during the operation. terrorists.

Likewise, in December 1989, British Special Forces helped the US military topple President Noriega in Panama. They then had vast experience in sabotage activities in the jungles of Malaya, where they opposed armed insurgents for almost two decades.

The SAS took part in both the Afghan operation of the Americans and the invasion of Iraq in 2003. By the way, more than half of the members of the famous "Saddam's Deck" were captured or eliminated by British special forces.

Now, according to Brigadier General Mark Totten, cited by The Times, "stagnant" special forces, engaged in special operations abroad and behind enemy lines, will be allocated much more funds and resources to carry out "special orders of the British government."

Conducting such special operations, according to Totten, require more detailed intelligence, careful planning and serious experience compared to operations against terrorist organizations, kidnappers, organizers of assassination attempts, drug traffickers and other types of criminal structures that British special forces have had to fight in recent decades.

Totten, as expected, will lead a force of 4,000 British special forces, which will disperse in groups in different "hot" spots and there will confront terrorist operations, which are backed by the intelligence services of the enemy countries, to restrain the mercenaries, behind which are government agencies, and in general "to respond to crises ".

It is assumed that the special forces will begin to work in conjunction with the British intelligence service Mi-6 . They will monitor the military and intelligence units of Russia and China.

Particularly in Asia, The Times suggests, the British military "may engage" in training the navies of countries bordering China to defend against potential Chinese aggression.

Tracking of Russian intelligence and military activity is also likely in order to "create a complete picture of an ever-changing and aggravating threat."

British commandos did not wait for London to finally decide their fate. Back in June, SAS fighters were spotted by DPR scouts. It turned out that these guys in Donbass, perhaps, for the first time began to work not as advisers, but as performers. They were looking for GRU agents among the current DPR officers.

The British special forces have a vast Iraqi experience behind them, where they specialized, among other things, in rescuing hostages from captivity. That is, in fact, they were thrown into the rear of the ISIS terrorists (an organization banned in Russia ), where they found the necessary zindan and, after disarming the guards, kidnapped especially important prisoners. This time, SAS servicemen arrived in the Gorlovka area to carry out a special operation to abduct representatives of the command and servicemen of the People's Militia on the territory of the DPR. In order to subsequently issue them as career servicemen of the RF Armed Forces. But they were neutralized in time by the local counterintelligence.

“It must be admitted that an experienced, physically well-prepared, state-of-the-art enemy is acting against Russia,” a former employee of Russian special forces, reserve colonel Nikolai Polyansky , told NI . - Although our fighters are trained and armed at the proper level as well. Yes, SAS has a rich history - the British Special Airborne Service was established in 1941. Its fighters are known for conducting high-risk operations, which include the organization of large-scale sabotage and kidnapping. But spetsnaz are not just people trained in subversion and shooting from all types of modern weapons. In this case, they were seriously prepared for the destruction of our state, for undermining its foundations. Moreover, official London blessed them and is ready to finance special operations. I believe that if the British are already openly declaring that the SAS fighters will now work against Russia and China, then it’s time to put them on the “black” list of “unfriendly states”. We must stop flirting with the British. Only tough talk! Maybe then they will start to respect us ...

According to the expert, the availability of experience and funds allows Russian special units, together with counterintelligence and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, to organize a rebuff to British provocateurs. You can agree with Beijing to work together to counter the SAS. The Chinese have very strong spenasis.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in a telephone conversation with British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, called for "clearing the rubble" in relations between our two countries. Lavrov stressed the importance of the refusal of British officials from unfounded, unsupported accusations and provocative rhetoric in the interstate dialogue.