Posted 21 июля 2021,, 11:04

Published 21 июля 2021,, 11:04

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The 2032 Olympics will be held in Brisbane, Australia

The 2032 Olympics will be held in Brisbane, Australia

21 июля 2021, 11:04
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) selected the city of Brisbane in Australia to host the 3032 Summer Olympic Games. The city was the only candidate to host the Games.

This time the capital was chosen according to a new procedure. Until 2019, countries applied directly to the IOC and immediately began investing in infrastructure. Now the selection is carried out by special commissions of the IOC, which discuss in advance the possibility of holding the Games with the authorities of the candidate countries. Then suitable candidates are submitted for discussion by the IOC. Thus, it is possible to reduce the costs of cities for the bid campaign.

Recall that Australia twice hosted the Olympics - in 1956 in Sydney and in 2000 in Melbourne. The Tokyo Olympics are expected to open on 23 July. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition will be held without spectators. Already, several cases of COVID-19 infection have been identified among athletes in the Olympic Village.

After the Tokyo Games, the example is Paris in 2024, and in 2028 - Los Angeles.