Posted 22 июля 2021,, 20:31

Published 22 июля 2021,, 20:31

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In Nikolayev, a Ukrainian pirate was detained who hunted in the Indian Ocean

In Nikolayev, a Ukrainian pirate was detained who hunted in the Indian Ocean

22 июля 2021, 20:31
The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained a local resident in the city of Nikolaev who was engaged in piracy in the Indian Ocean. During interrogations, he is silent like a fish.

The Ukrainian portal Vesti, who reported this, noted that this was the first time in the history of Ukraine when a real pirate was caught. The hijacked vessel was sailing in the western part of the Pacific Ocean under the flag of the Marshall Islands.

The SBU told reporters their version of events, which could well serve as the basis for the plot of an adventure novel. It turned out that the future "storm of the seas" got a job in an international company that is engaged ... in the protection of merchant ships from pirates. However, instead of guarding the boat, the man himself captured it. Threatening the ship's captain with a weapon, the bandit demanded to change the course of the ship and issue a monetary reward in the amount of $ 500 thousand.

Negotiations with the managers of the shipping company that owned the ship lasted four days; as a result, its representatives managed to persuade the pirate to surrender his weapon and unlock the boat for $ 6,000.

However, the adventure did not end there. According to the SBU, "when the attacker returned to the floating base of the security company, by some miracle he seized its arsenal of weapons and began new negotiations".

This time, the pirate demanded $ 100,000, threatening otherwise to throw all the weapons on the floating base overboard.

“The company refused to pay the ransom. The attacker managed to throw away part of the weapon, after which he was stopped by force. Since the events took place on the high seas, it was impossible to bring him to justice (the jurisdiction of any state does not extend to neutral waters), ”a representative of the SBU told Vesti.

Here, however, a question arises, which so far remains not entirely clear: after all, the pirate acted not just in neutral waters, but on ships, and any ship sailing under someone's flag - and, accordingly, there is no question of the complete absence of jurisdiction of any state. can. But the Ukrainian pirate somehow ended up at home, where he was subsequently "identified" by the competent authorities.

Since the offender came home, he changed passports and place of residence several times”, - the SBU said in a statement.

At present, the detainee is “suspected” under Part 1 of Art. 446 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, that is, in piracy, namely in the use of violence and robbery of a sea vessel ”. The criminal case is being conducted by SBU investigators under the leadership of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine.