Posted 23 июля 2021,, 20:02

Published 23 июля 2021,, 20:02

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Drivers dragged a multi-ton truck with their hands to save a child

Drivers dragged a multi-ton truck with their hands to save a child

23 июля 2021, 20:02
Фото: Инстаграм
In Novorossiysk, drivers on the highway manually pushed an overturned heavy truck off the road to enable an ambulance with a child to pass.

According to Fontanka with reference to the data of doctors from the Krasnodar Territory, at about 2 am on July 23, an ambulance team was taking a one-year-old child from Novorossiysk to the hospital in Anapa, who was in serious condition.

“However, an accident occurred at the Volch'i Vorota at the exit from Novorossiysk: a heavy truck overturned and blocked traffic in the direction of Anapa, a traffic jam had accumulated on the highway,” the newspaper notes.

To deliver the sick baby to the clinic, the ambulance was forced to go to the “oncoming lane”.

Noticing the flashing beacons, the drivers began to huddle to the side of the road. However, when the ambulance reached the overturned truck, it was not possible to bypass it.

“Then the eyewitness drivers, the military and the ambulance driver went out and began to push the lying truck together, making room for passage”, - the message says.

By common efforts, people managed to move the multi-ton truck and free the passage for the ambulance.

Thanks to their efforts, the baby's life was saved.

“Dear residents! The team of the City Hospital, the Ambulance Station thanks the caring people for the high level of culture and personal responsibility, who, having heard the siren signal, remember: “This also concerns me”, - the doctors of the city hospital No. 1 of Novorossiysk thanked the motorists on their Instagram page.

“The ambulance team: Dyachenko Vasily Alexandrovich, Demyanenko Sevda Shakirovna, Tymchenko Anastasia Igorevna, personally say: THANK YOU! Dear residents, the ambulance's medical workers work hard: up to 600 calls per day. We are in a hurry to help, help us and other people”, - the doctors said.