Posted 23 июля 2021,, 11:59

Published 23 июля 2021,, 11:59

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The only maternity hospital closed in the Jewish Autonomous Region

The only maternity hospital closed in the Jewish Autonomous Region

23 июля 2021, 11:59
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The only maternity hospital in the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAO) has closed, according to official figures, for disinfection. Until August 1, pregnant women will go to give birth to another region.

As reported on the page of the Department of Health in Instagram, in the maternity ward of the Regional Hospital OGBUZ, a planned floor disinfection of the premises is taking place. "Disinfection should be carried out every six months, otherwise it can lead to outbreaks of infections", - the publication says. At the same time, planned routing to the perinatal center of Khabarovsk is provided for women in labor in the region.

But according to unofficial data, the hospital was closed for another reason - due to a lack of specialists. The institution employs two neonatologists, and both went on vacation at the same time. Moreover, there is information that they wrote applications for leave with subsequent dismissal, writes "Kommersant".

At the same time, one of the local news agencies published vacancies for the maternity hospital. Among others, neonatologists are required. In the meantime, pregnant women from the Jewish Autonomous Region will have to give birth in Khabarovsk - it will take three hours to get there. A taxi popular with local residents will cost 500 rubles.