Posted 27 июля 2021,, 10:32

Published 27 июля 2021,, 10:32

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The Cosmonaut Training Center revealed a waste of a million rubles

The Cosmonaut Training Center revealed a waste of a million rubles

27 июля 2021, 10:32
Фото: Роман Соколов / РИА Новости
The Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a case on the fact of large-scale fraud at the Cosmonaut Training Center (CTC). The investigation believes that the center spent over a million rubles to pay for works that were not actually performed.

According to RBC, the case was opened in the Vlasikha police department near Moscow, which specializes in the security of special facilities. So far, the case has been initiated “against unidentified persons”, - who are suspected of large-scale fraud at the Yu. Yu.A. Gagarin.

The publication notes that on October 24, 2012 between the Scientific Research Testing Center for the Training of Cosmonauts. Yu. A. Gagarin and the federal state unitary enterprise "Spetsstroyservis" signed a work contract. He envisioned the reconstruction of the complex of facilities of the training and testing base of the CTC (cosmonaut training center).

“According to the investigation, in 2013–2015, the customer paid for the actually outstanding work. The damage amounted to 1 million 376 thousand rubles", - said in the message.

If the perpetrators are found and convicted, they face up to ten years in prison.

The Gagarin CTC was founded in Zvyozdny City (Stars' city - editor's note) in 1960. It carries out work on the selection and training of cosmonauts, their medical certification, as well as on their rehabilitation after space flights.

Violations in the CPC were revealed during the prosecutor's check, materials from the prosecutor's office were received by the police at the end of February this year. In May, the Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted its own check against the management of another Roscosmos enterprise - NPO im. Lavochkin, during which similar financial violations were revealed for 299.6 million rubles.

Cases of "space" theft in the structures of "Roscosmos" arise regularly. In the last two years alone, the security forces have opened 22 criminal cases on violations at Roscosmos. Only the criminal cases related to the Vostochny cosmodrome concern the embezzlement of 600 million and 60 million rubles.

On the facts of newly revealed violations, the state corporation stated that the materials of internal checks in these structures were sent to the prosecutor's office for a procedural assessment.