Posted 2 августа 2021,, 10:14

Published 2 августа 2021,, 10:14

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Estonia announced the start of sales of "anticovid" spray

Estonia announced the start of sales of "anticovid" spray

2 августа 2021, 10:14
Estonian scientists are the first in the world to certify a spray that can protect against all strains of coronavirus.

The nasal spray developed in Estonia is called BioBlock and is designed to protect humans from all known strains of the coronavirus, from the Chinese Wuhan to the Indian Delta, media reported citing the Estonian publication Postimees.

The innovative product, which has already been patented and approved for sale by the Estonian government regulator, was developed by Icosagen, a genetic engineering company with the participation of scientists from the University of Tartu, the Estonian University of Life Sciences and several other companies. The work was supervised by March of the Charter, Jr., according to whom laboratory tests confirmed a high level of protection against infection with all known strains of coronavirus when using the spray that this drug gives.

"Our team is constantly monitoring changes in the virus and testing BioBlock's ability to neutralize strains that are not yet widespread".

Thus, Estonia became the first country to announce the start of the widespread sale of "anticovid" spray. The development of such drugs was previously announced by British, Hong Kong and Spanish specialists.