Posted 3 августа 2021,, 13:18

Published 3 августа 2021,, 13:18

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Goons against their will: Crimeans rob rich Russians and despise poor Ukrainians

Goons against their will: Crimeans rob rich Russians and despise poor Ukrainians

3 августа 2021, 13:18
Without a normal permanent job, Crimeans are forced to earn in the season by all available means, often robbing and cheating vacationers

The popular blogger Ilya Valiyev drew attention to the system of resort business in Crimea, which has been worked out for many decades. The fact is that the peninsula's economy for many years and under all the authorities remains seasonal, forcing its residents, who are not provided with full-fledged and well-paid jobs all year round, to compensate for this shortcoming by picking off newcomers. Instead of working in a civilized and honest manner and making a career, they tear up everything that is possible and impossible from vacationers, becoming in the eyes of other Russians the most real "goons". And everything turns upside down: why should they work when they can rob rich suckers from the continent and live happily ever after the rest of the year?

That is why the Crimeans speak contemptuously about the "poor Ukrainians" who "even brought food with them here and rested for three kopecks." But the Russians have no choice, they will pay as much as the owners ask, and besides, they can be mercilessly cheated. Moreover, the Crimeans, in their opinion, all other Russians are "obliged".

The blogger gives examples of such "hospitality" of the Crimean people, reminding that if it were not for the pandemic, this could hardly have happened. And now the Crimeans give the impression of well-fed, satisfied people, building more and more new houses and apartments so that they have somewhere to lodge in the season of visitors, whereas until 2014 it gave the impression of neglect.

Valiev says: “They missed us in the restaurant. Once again. I say:

"You didn't give two hundred rubles, girl." “Oh, mummies, how many! - the waitress answers. - And you sho, sorry ?! " "Why are you here all the time cheating, what kind of fashion is this ?!" "Ha. It's good for you there, but we live and work here only three or four months a year. And then we live on what we earn. We have to "..."

But are ordinary citizens of Russia to blame for the fact that Crimeans do not have a job? - the blogger asks, and adds that they cheat not only in cafes, restaurants and shops, but also in a taxi, complaining that there is no work in winter, you have to drink vodka, waiting for the new season ...

In addition, Valiyev reports that Crimeans very often refuse to rent rooms and apartments to Ukrainians, under the pretext that “they are greedy”, they try to save money on everything, they even cook at home, while Russians go to restaurants and cafes - how can we not rob them?