Posted 4 августа 2021,, 15:15

Published 4 августа 2021,, 15:15

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Mikhail Veller: "We are watching the collapse of our civilization"

4 августа 2021, 15:15
“When civilization comes to the point where truth is ideologically prohibited and declared harmful, it is absolutely clear that nothing can come of it”, - says Mikhail Veller. On his YouTube channel, the writer shared his thoughts on where modern society is heading.

“Rudeness became a global trend, so to speak, an international custom, after Cassius Clay, not yet being Muhammad Ali, began to win in the professional ring - and he was undoubtedly a great boxer - and jumping up like an enthusiastic orangutan , began to yell: “I am beautiful! I'm perfect! I am the best that the Universe has created!"

Before that, boxing was a noble single fight of gentlemen, in which people respected each other and spoke highly of each other. But if you look, then everything that has been happening in the last ten to fifteen years ... This is a duel of the views of two orangutans for the plebs! Required by a dull crowd that thirsts for a spectacle. It's about boxers, yes, but scandals - after all, they have become part of the normal arsenal of all show business!

My God, when a Petersburg, Russian singer from the Leningrad group, known under the party nickname "Cord" ("Shnur" - editor's note), during a concert pulls off his pants down to his knees so that everyone can see - and there is nothing to brag about, sorry magnanimously - and the audience roars how he started it! Listen, what's the point? That's how! Not everyone will take off their pants on stage! He would still poop on stage, by God!

This is all that has become a custom!

When two freaks, I will not name their names, I don’t want to, one is the director, and the second, like this, “secular lioness”, they arrange a wedding in some kind of ugly red pants on loose skinny backs, driving around in a funeral hearse - and that's all nothing , after that they continue their activities!

This is all - one of the moments of the end of civilization!

When desecration and greed is included not only in the norm, but in the commendable norm of the idols of the crowds, then everything, then, as one ancient Roman said, a city where fish is more expensive than five slaves, nothing can save.

We are not about politics. It's more of a story. It's just life.

Once upon a time, in the Soviet Union, guys, we lived behind an iron curtain, which new generations cannot imagine and will never be able to imagine. What kind of Internet, what kind of open information, I had to catch the information bit by bit. This is all that is around. And then these grains are folded, folded, folded somewhere in the corner of consciousness, and then these grains were added to some kind of picture ...

And you began to understand what was happening. The information came only later.

And then one day, about 1978, a note flashed in the magazine "Science and Life", about thirty lines, that the Brazilian selva is being reduced, massive deforestation is going on, well, industry, profit is there, and now it turns out that the number of accidents - that is, trees fall on loggers and press down - who die, who can not die, it is an order of magnitude higher than what should have happened according to the theory of probability.

In those days, I was already approaching thirty, and my thoughts were like this - something is all for a reason, guys. As if nature itself is resisting.

At this very time, in the magazine "Knowledge - power", the only magazine that published the Strugatskys, they were banned, - "A billion years before the end of the world" was published, where nature resists man to snatch her secrets from her. This is how it goes.

And already later, I read in the journal "Chemistry and Life" a note that fellow scientists, historians, paleontologists, whoever got there, they found that on the cuts of the stumps of old huge trees, those years in which there are historical cataclysms, for example, the great plague of the XIV century, or the jaqueria in France, or the uprising of Wat Tyler in England - there the annual rings are wider, on the cuts of the stumps.

Well, then Soviet power came to an end and ended altogether.

And from a distance a black two-volume edition of Chizhevsky. And Chizhevsky was a man of genius. It was Chizhevsky who discovered the theory ... Although what theory, practice, guys, solar cycles of eleven to twelve years, he made graphs for each year of the cycle. And for each year of the greatest radiation, solar activity, and there are major social and historical cataclysms. That is, not every year of the highest activity of the sun is accompanied by social cataclysms, but every social cataclysm certainly falls on the years of this highest activity of the sun.

And it all starts to take shape, take shape ...

Age is a very dubious advantage. As a person who can already judge this, I will report to you, doubtful, but in him, as in everything in the world, there are advantages.

One of the advantages is that all the information that you have collected is added to you in certain patterns, and what you previously thought was a scattered heap of accidents, is added up in orderly chains.

And suddenly you see that people have always known this. For many thousands of years they were mistaken, they made naive parallels and comparisons, and yet, when they judged by certain signs, everything worked out ... And now, you see, Lucullus could have slipped with his horse when he was moving his insignificant two legions across the river, to fight the two hundred thousandth army of Tigran the Great, and he waved his hand and said in the spirit - "Bullshit!", we will make them a goat's face. And an amazing battle took place, where ten thousand Romans smashed into smoke two hundred thousand not only the Armenian army, but also from the whole area.

But there was such a sign! And about chickens - do they look at the sky or peck at the worms that were poured on them, and so on, so forth.

That is - people have always tried to grasp the connection between everything that happens! Between natural phenomena and what lies ahead at the social, political, human level.

And now many moments of the collapse of our civilization are noticeable.

Everything about LGBT people is suicidal morality.

We can talk as much as we want about the fact that people have the right and should be happy, but any representative of the community exists in the world only because he had a mom and dad, otherwise he would not have been in the world.

I repeat - this is also one of the moments of the collapse of civilization and the disappearance of the people!

How can you even talk about it, but you're out of your mind! This is the morality that develops.

When any civilization comes to the point where truth is ideologically prohibited and declared harmful, it is quite clear that nothing can come of it.

And all this, together with the deterioration of the physiological type of a person, does not inspire any good thoughts. Unless, if people have brains in their heads, if there are people who can send these fictional theories away and say, sorry, but the king is naked, there is no new dress on him, a man is a man, and a woman is a woman, good this is good, and evil is evil, a hard worker must live on the money he earned, and the parasite must be guided by the principle that he who does not work does not eat ...

Well, since all normal people think like this, let's not give up hope, because something always works out.

It doesn't fit in my head that the scoundrels will win!"

The entire video by Mikhail Weller can be viewed here.