Posted 5 августа 2021,, 15:45

Published 5 августа 2021,, 15:45

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HSE teacher was not fired after female students' statements about harassment

HSE teacher was not fired after female students' statements about harassment

5 августа 2021, 15:45
All four girls who reported harassment are enrolled in the Oriental Studies educational program. In the summer of last year, the doi wrote a statement to the university administration, in which they reported about harassment by Maxim Tseluiko, a Chinese teacher.

They did not fire the teacher, but the girls were advised to tell about the incident through word of mouth, DOXA reports, referring to the stories of the students themselves.

According to them, Tseluiko tried to establish informal relations with them, made compliments in correspondence, invited them to go for walks and to the cinema, and invited them to visit him. One of them indicated that she wrote to Tseluiko in her freshman year in order to interview her on the curriculum, and after that he began to invite her "to drink wine and go to a Chinese restaurant." Three years later, when the student was already in her fourth year, the teacher began to ask her in correspondence about her vacation in Italy. In one of the messages, he wrote: "Maybe you need me to take you on my lap and say: Dasha, you are so beautiful that my dick is already hard?" Then the student blocked Tseluiko on the social network.

The other three students also spoke about the harassment by Tseluiko. With two of them, he corresponded on Telegram, because the messenger allows you to delete correspondence from both participants in the dialogue. But the girls' words are confirmed by the screenshots of the messages. Last summer, two students wrote a complaint to the dean's office. They were summoned for a conversation with a representative of the HSE Security Directorate. They testified about their experience to the leadership of the university four times.

Later, in October, a confrontation took place between the students and Tseluiko. On it, he himself accused the girls of lying, and called the accusation "complete nonsense".

- It all looks like a trial, in which word is against word, and no evidence. I believe that I did not violate anything, - said the teacher at one of the meetings.

The person in charge of ensuring security, Yevgeny Artyomov, told the applicants that the teacher would not be allowed to meet with the students and offered to launch word of mouth. The students told the publication that they were promised by the HSE directorate that the contract with Tseluiko would not be extended, but he still works at the university.