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Published 5 августа 2021,, 08:09

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Valentin Katasonov: "We live in an era of open conspiracy, and this is not conspiracy theories"

Valentin Katasonov: "We live in an era of open conspiracy, and this is not conspiracy theories"

5 августа 2021, 08:09
2022 will mark the 100th anniversary of the publication of Oswald Spengler's book The Decline of Europe. Valentin Katasonov, Doctor of Economics, spoke about how the "prophecies" of the writer came true on the "Book World" YouTube channel.

“I would say about this in the present continuous, as the British say, that is, the process of“ rolling in ”, the process of“ sunset ”continues.

Spengler a hundred years ago, even more than a hundred years - because his first book was published in 1918, and the second volume in 1922, did not say that Europe would end in one day or in one year. It rolls up.

Let's remember, say, the decline of the Roman Empire, because it happened even for several centuries, by the way.

We just somehow got used to the fact that everything should happen within a year or a month. So Europe is going down now.

By the way, the title of this book is a bit different: it talks about the decline of the West, not the decline of Europe. But when the book began to be translated into other languages — for example, in Russia it appeared in 1922, at least the first volume — then it came out under the title "The Decline of Europe." And then in other languages it also came out in this version.

It was just not very clear how it was possible to talk about the decline of the West, if, as a result of the First World War, America, on the contrary, became a great power, it took advantage of the fruits of this war, there were no signs of the decline of the new World. Therefore, they decided to edit the name of Oswald Spengler in this way and called the book "The Decline of Europe".

But after a hundred years, perhaps, it is necessary to return the previous name - "The decline of the West", Western civilization, because today there are more than enough signs of the decline of America.

I cannot act as a prophet, but I did predict this chaos that is now happening, but this is not because I have any ability to prophesy, but simply because I closely followed Western literature. After all, there is some Western literature that reveals the plans of the world behind the scenes.

Sometimes they say - conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories, sucked from the finger ...

But I, first of all, have a book called "Dystopia or a conspiracy against humanity without the stamp" secret ", or the same novels by Zamyatin" We ", or Aldous Huxley's" Brave New World ", or the novel" 1984 " George Orwell, Ray Bradbury "Fahrenheit 451" and so on. All of them described the future state of the world according to the plans of the world behind the scenes.

I don't know if the authors of these dystopias really had some kind of intuition and insight, or had access to insider information and simply knew about these plans.

Say, Aldous Huxley, who belonged to the British elite, most likely used some kind of insider information. As for Orwell, I think that intuition was more likely to work here.

But in addition to fiction in the genre of dystopia, I have used and continue to use sources that contain very interesting information, but, as a rule, are not interesting to a wide audience.

50 years ago, when I was graduating from the institute, I chose a topic for myself - it was connected with global environmental problems. And exactly in the first year of graduate school, I got acquainted with the first report of the Club of Rome - "The Limits to Growth."

Then I did not understand very well what the Club of Rome was, and did not really understand the content of these reports, but it so happened that I already made it a rule to read all the new reports of the Club of Rome.

And already taking into account other sources and life experience, I began to understand a little that this is an organization that justifies these very plans from a "scientific standpoint" - plans to curb demographic growth, reduce the population, deindustrialize, erode national sovereignty, they say, it means that it is impossible , to solve some global problems, if each state is closed within its national borders, and so on.

In short, I acquired the skill, the ability, as it were, to read between the lines of these Club of Rome reports. Again, these reports are not classified as classified, so I don’t need to use any secret documents that are being obtained by intelligence or agents. Everything lies on the surface.

And today, we can say that this is an open conspiracy. They don't hide anything especially.

By the way, last year we translated into Russian and published the work of H.G. Wells in 1928 The Open conspiracy - that is, "The Open Conspiracy." Then it sounded like an oxymoron, how it is - a conspiracy, but open, but today it really is, it is an open conspiracy.

There are, of course, some other sources, such as the revelations of Jacques Attali, a financier writer, a person belonging to the Rothschild group. And he loves to talk and often leaks information.

For example, 40 years ago, being a little-known politician, he said in an interview with French television that it is necessary, of course, to change the world order, including the order in individual states, including France, but this requires some serious shocks. ... And then he announced that the dictatorship of medicine could become such a shock. "

The entire conversation with Valentin Katasonov can be viewed here .