Posted 6 августа 2021,, 12:54

Published 6 августа 2021,, 12:54

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Do you want new fines? Why did the media and social networks slander the culprit of an accident in Moscow

Do you want new fines? Why did the media and social networks slander the culprit of an accident in Moscow

6 августа 2021, 12:54
The car accident in Moscow, which claimed the lives of two children, was accompanied by an unprecedented defamation campaign on social networks. And, as it turned out, not in vain.

In connection with two high-profile accidents in which children died, in Moscow and Crimea, civic activist Pyotr Shkumatov became interested in a rather curious phenomenon, why such an outrageous noise was raised in social networks and the media about the culprit of the first, 18-year-old Muscovite Bashkirova, while the second went almost unnoticed:

“In the terrible tragedy in Crimea, where a KAMAZ that lost control and brakes rammed 9 cars, the whole family died:

  1. Dad
  2. Mum
  3. Child
  4. Child

Nevertheless, I do not see any calls from people in white clothes to lynch the driver of KAMAZ (who, by the way, also died in this accident), deputies and other public also do not speak on this topic. Although the tragedy is much worse and the whole family, parents and children were killed! Silence, a couple of publications in the media and several reposts in the telegram. What's the matter? Why did a similar tragedy in Solntsevo, where two children also died, cause a resonance that is completely incomparable with what is happening now with an accident in Crimea?

I tried to figure it out and came to the conclusion that all of you (us) were raped, with the help of LIES (I specially highlighted it, further it will be clear why) and crude manipulative methods, causing a collective hysteria.

Shkumatov examines in detail the publications on social networks, and comes to the conclusion that many bloggers lied about Bashkirova on purpose, attributing to her words and actions that she did not say and did not do. Someone really needed it. For example, in one anonymous telegram channel her phrase “I was stuck on the phone” is quoted, but she never said it in public. Or information is spreading that her father holds a major post in the FSB, hinting that she will be excused from punishment, although the girl's father works as a simple driver, and in general this is the most ordinary Moscow family ...

“Bashkirova, of course, will answer according to the law for what she did. But will those "PR people" answer, who so technologically and cynically arranged her persecution and practically brought her to a state close to suicide, slandered and denigrated in public? Here I am absolutely not sure ... "- asks Shkumatov, and unexpectedly finds the answer:

“The puzzle of why Valeriya Bashkirova was so dirty and impudently slandered that she allegedly was“ stuck on the phone ”has come together. As usual, we didn't have to wait for many moves from those who arranged it.

The head of the movement "For Safety" Dmitry Kurdesov proposed to increase the fine for using the telephone while driving to 10 thousand rubles. In his address, the public figure drew attention to an accident that occurred on July 16 in Moscow and claimed the lives of two young children. As noted by the media, the culprit of the incident at the time of the collision with pedestrians could use the phone.

"Media reports", as I was rightly corrected, is a message from MK. They were the first to come out with a loud headline about the phone without any evidence of this. Even the eyewitness testimony they cited is completely different. And the telegram channels from the network of loyal to whoever needed channels then simply referred to this message and replicated it all over the Internet.

Earlier in Moscow (by a strange coincidence) they began to fine in automatic mode (using cameras) for talking on the phone while driving.

Thus, the following picture emerges:

  1. Need more money
  2. Need an excuse to increase your phone penalty
  3. An accident occurs in which a young and inexperienced driver knocks down children to death at a crossing
  4. Immediately a FALSE message comes out that allegedly from the words of some eyewitnesses Bashkirova said (that is, someone allegedly heard what someone allegedly said) that she was "stuck on the phone"
  5. With the use of controlled and loyal media and telegram channels, a monstrous wave is rising, in which, as I wrote earlier, she is already the daughter of a family of FSB generals, and a major from a paid branch, and her car costs like three Moscow apartments, and “just a glass prosecco "she drank before the trip.


  1. It turns out that the "social activist" is all in white and angrily demands to increase the fine for the telephone for drivers who kill children to 10 thousand rubles.
  2. Due to public demand and due to RESONANCE, it is assumed that such a proposal will be immediately considered and the fine will be increased. Not up to 10 thousand, but up to 5 thousand rubles, but this is because we have a very humane approach.

Do you already understand how you got bred? They cheated a man, put him at the mercy of the crowd, which was previously warmed up with an absolute LIE, and then the penalty was increased. Everything at your request and in the name of safety.

Of course, not a word about traffic lights and speed bumps. Only 10 thousand fines, only hardcore!

Well, if you have not yet understood how they played you in the dark, then..."