Posted 6 августа 2021,, 12:34

Published 6 августа 2021,, 12:34

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The army is idle at our expense, but there is not enough money for the disabled people

6 августа 2021, 12:34
Лида Мониава
Public funds are often spent on meaningless things, such as the army, while meaningful things like caring for people with disabilities are not enough.
Disabled people

Lida Moniava, Deputy Director of the Children's Hospice "House with a Lighthouse"

My hospice colleagues and I had a long journey together in the car today. A column of trucks with soldiers drove past us. 18-year-old guys, about 100 people, were sitting in the trucks.

And colleagues began to tell how they themselves served in the army (some recently). Service is now 1 year. In winter, everyone in the unit was busy making squares out of snow. The snow had to be collected in a heap, and then made an even square out of this heap. In the spring, it was necessary to use a rake to crush lumps of ice and snow into small pieces. I also had to learn the duties of a soldier-sailor and list them all on the list. A colleague of mine, who was in the military unit in the position of a nurse, was responsible for ensuring that the soldiers, when they go out in slippers, put on socks so that the beds were made straight along the thread. They also had regular role-playing games "if the war started" - they had to work out the sorting of soldiers, who went to war, and who (the patient) was sent to the hospital. There was also an anti-terrorist role-playing game "if terrorists attacked our military unit." For these and other role-playing games, state funds were used to purchase costumes and shoes, food for all participants. And so for a whole year. Healthy strong young guys all play this with public funds.

At that moment we were driving from a boarding school, where more than 700 people are kept behind a fence and bars. Why do they lie in bed for years instead of going, for example, to the city beach in the summer, to the conservatory in winter, and on weekends to the mall to finally buy pants for their millions? Because there is no one to dress them, plant and export them. For a helpless person to be able to live fully, you need 1 to 1 attendants, and not one nurse for 20-30 bedridden invalids. In boarding schools, there is an acute deficit of hands, so those who are lying lie down all their lives.

I’m wondering how strange the government is allocating resources. We spend a whole year on the state money for young strong guys with military role-playing games and clearing snow in military units. And we send a nurse-grandmother to the disabled for 12 thousand rubles, one for 20 people. Well, there are many other things that are so unfair, when public funds are spent on meaningless things, but for some reason, there is not enough on meaningful things - human worthy care for the disabled.

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