Posted 9 августа 2021,, 11:06

Published 9 августа 2021,, 11:06

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The figure of the day: in modern Russia courts issue less acquittals than during the Stalin era

The figure of the day: in modern Russia courts issue less acquittals than during the Stalin era

9 августа 2021, 11:06
The decisions made by officials of the lowest level of government become life-changing for the majority of Russian citizens, which is one of the main signs of an impending state crisis.

The "soft" cannibalism of the current Russian government is eloquently evidenced by the simplest fact: even in such a seemingly super-repressive state like the USSR, the courts passed acquittals several times more often than today! And this also applies to the "damned 1990s" too. Analyst Alexander Maysuryan cites amazing statistics on this in his publication: in 2020, Russian courts delivered as many as 562,906 guilty ones and only 1,931 acquittals, that is, 0.34%! Moreover, in 2019, this percentage was higher - 0.36%.

The blogger complains that he did not find statistics on the abolition of sentences of first instance in the USSR and in modern Russia, but he is absolutely sure that the ratio was about the same. This means that the Soviet courts really controlled the quality of the investigation, the cassation and supervisory authorities, in turn, controlled the courts of first instance. And they did it better than even after the two-fold "triumph of liberalism" in 1991 and 1993.

Now this function has practically disappeared, and a person is completely dependent on the very first official who deals with his case. That is, the tsar for an ordinary citizen, in fact, becomes the most insignificant junior official, while all higher authorities, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation itself, stupidly stamp the initial decision, without delving into its essence.

The analyst is sure that this is the first sign of a state collapse, because even ancient thinkers paid attention to how such phenomena of the transfer of power from the bottom up become harbingers of a cataclysm.

The blogger quotes the wisdom of Confucius: “When order (law) reigns in the Universe, ceremonies, music and wars come from the Son of Heaven; when lawlessness reigns in it, ceremonies, music and wars come from appanage princes. When all this comes from appanage princes, few of them do not lose power after 10 generations. When everything comes from the nobles, then rare of them do not lose power after 5 generations; and when the reins of government are in the hands of officials - vassals, then rare of them do not lose power after 3 generations".

It is only a matter of the real time when the actions of the current Russian vassals will lead to the collapse of the state.