Posted 10 августа 2021,, 07:39

Published 10 августа 2021,, 07:39

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

More than half of employees spent their annual leave at home

More than half of employees spent their annual leave at home

10 августа 2021, 07:39
Since the beginning of the year, every fifth Russian (20%) had time to go on vacation, while more than half (12%) of workers did not leave anywhere, but were resting at home.

According to Interfax, citing data from a survey by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM), almost every seventh Russian who had already taken a vacation in 2021, or 3% of all survey participants, had a rest at their dacha. Every fourth rested, or 5% of all respondents, rested not at home, but on the territory of the Russian Federation. Only one in ten, or 2% of all respondents, were able to visit abroad.

Every sixth (15%) admitted that they will not go on vacation at all this year. And every fourth (about 26%) still intend to rest this year.

"Of these, about half, or 12% of all survey participants, are going to relax at home, every sixth - in the country, almost a third of those going on vacation - in other places within Russia", - said in the message.

Only 1% of Russians have plans for a foreign vacation.

The poll, conducted at the end of July, included 1,500 Russian citizens.

Earlier it was reported that against the background of a catastrophic drop in the incomes of the majority of the country's population, provoked by the coronavirus pandemic and rapidly gaining rates of inflation, Russians began to save on everything, including food.

On the eve it became known that in conditions of increasing lack of money, most of the country's citizens had to significantly "tighten their belts" and turn on the regime of the most severe frugality. Even the funeral of close relatives fell into the sphere of economy. If earlier the average family spent about 50 thousand rubles on burial, now, in the absence of money, household expenditures for ritual services have decreased on average to 30 thousand rubles.