Posted 10 августа 2021,, 09:41

Published 10 августа 2021,, 09:41

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Withdrawn the right from use... The system created by Lenin is living already for the second century

10 августа 2021, 09:41
Яков Кротов
The peculiarity of Russia is that it was not built in capitalism, not feudalism and not a slave-owning system, an anti-legal state, of which there were very few in the history of civilization.

Yakov Krotov, priest

In English there is an expression "crony capitalism". It denotes corrupt capitalism without genuine market freedom. There are many other designations for "deviant" capitalisms.

However, the Russian system, although it resembles these freaks, is not capitalism at all. And not feudalism. And not a slave system.

The peculiarity of Russia is that Lenin created an anti-legal state. There were very few of them in history. After all, this is a cancerous tumor of society that kills its carrier, but Lenin managed to find a balance that allows him to preserve a society on which the dictatorship is parasitic.

Capitalism is diverse, but it has one universal feature - it functions in a legal space. This applies to both feudalism and slavery. Lenin, however, withdrew the right from use. Generally. Basically. Nazism and fascism did not do that.

It is sometimes said that Russia from Lenin lived thanks to the shadow economy. But it is not exactly. The gray economy is everywhere. In Russia, there was no economy that casts a shadow.

Lenin created a structure in which economic freedom and market mechanisms were regulated - and regulated - from above. The system, which entered the second century of its existence, was modified and, in general, improved - from the point of view of the ruling elite. However, it has never been legal. She used and is using elements of slavery, feudalism, capitalism, but these are elements, they are not a system due to the lack of law. There is an imitation of law, which works, thanks to this imitation, society is alive. Imitation is in the fact that the ruling elite retains the right to arbitrariness. This right is realized in a complex competitive struggle between different actors and clans. You can talk about the lawlessness market. You can study this market. This imitation is not legal for the same reason that prostitution is not a marriage, although a romantic relationship with a prostitute may arise.

That is why, by the way, any policy that talks about "crooks and thieves" is a wrong policy. Lying. Most likely, the politicians wielding this slogan are well aware that they are misrepresenting Russian reality. What inspires them to falsify is not interesting. Politics begins where politicking ends and telling the truth begins. The truth is that this is not a system of crooks and thieves, but militarists and dictators of different levels.

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