Posted 12 августа 2021,, 07:15

Published 12 августа 2021,, 07:15

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Descendants in a straight line: children's camp named after Pavlik Morozov accused of LGBT propaganda

Descendants in a straight line: children's camp named after Pavlik Morozov accused of LGBT propaganda

12 августа 2021, 07:15
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The ignorant and intimidated by propaganda parents considered the traditional carnival action to corrupt their children, and wrote a denunciation to the prosecutor's office about it.

The completely innocent holiday of dressing up "The Day in reverse", traditional for many children's camps in the country, caused a huge scandal in the "Salute" camp in the Sverdlovsk region. Its organizers were accused of LGBT propaganda. This camp belongs to the Artyomovsk enterprise, and its full name sounds like this: "Out-of-town health-improving complex named after Pavlik Morozov".

On this day, usually boys dress up in girly clothes, and girls - vice versa. A common carnival event that people around the world, regardless of religion and ethnicity, have been conducting for many thousands of years. However, this time there was a "great reformer" who decided at once to erase the entire history of mankind. He turned out to be a particularly vigilant dad - the chairman of the regional Council of Fathers Vyacheslav Baltsevich.

“This is a purposeful propaganda of the LGBT community. What does a kid in women's clothes, put on makeup, with incomprehensible hairstyles and grimaces? What is awakening in him, what is it pushing him to? ”Baltsevich asks, and sends the request not somewhere, but immediately to the Sverdlovsk prosecutor's office with a request to investigate the incident.

Fortunately, not everyone turned out to be as ignorant as Mr. Baltsevich, and in the comments they condemned the daddy:

- We have always had such a tradition in the camps, we dyed and changed boys into girls, and drew mustaches for ourselves !!! And everyone remained normal...

- Yes, it's a joke, children are interested, we always did this in the camp.

She intervened for the camp and acting. head of the local Department of Education Marina Klyuchnikova, stating:

“There is nothing wrong with this game, let alone LGBT propaganda or whatever. If we look for a background in children's entertainment, a fun game, we can go far..."

The official referred to the example of the singer Andrei Danilko, who has been performing in the stage image of Verka Serduchka for more than a decade, and it never occurs to anyone to accuse him of LGBT propaganda!

The organizers of the holiday themselves were forced to justify themselves, among other things, explaining that the children themselves took the initiative and themselves began to ask for skirts and dresses from the girls of the detachment. Nobody forced anyone to change clothes, and even more so there was no purpose to conduct any kind of propaganda.

However, all this did not stop the parents, who did send a request to the prosecutor's office.

It should be noted in this connection such a strange circumstance: the camp bears the name of the famous Soviet pioneer Pavlik Morozov, on whose denunciation his own father was arrested. Only now the “denunciation is reversed” has turned out: ignorant parents, under the influence of wild homophobic propaganda in the state media, are actually denouncing their own children.

However, not only they, but also people who, by virtue of their profession, must refrain from denunciations for the sake of objectivity - these are journalists.

Vigilant Moscow journalist Yulia Vityazeva also wrote a kind of denunciation on her blog, which was immediately replicated by the “patriotic” media. Looking through the playbill of theatrical Moscow, Vityazeva discovered in it a new play about homosexuals, which she immediately indignantly reported on her channel:

“I am looking at the Moscow theater poster for September. I come across this. And then we are outraged by the "non-standard" advertising of VkusVill..."

Considering the campaign that has now unfolded around Russian theaters, we should expect art critics both in civilian clothes and in police uniforms to appear in the wonderful Moscow Theater.doc.