Posted 12 августа 2021,, 11:45

Published 12 августа 2021,, 11:45

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Lessons of "honor": in Krasnodar FSB lieutenant colonel imposed a tax on businessman

Lessons of "honor": in Krasnodar FSB lieutenant colonel imposed a tax on businessman

12 августа 2021, 11:45
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In Krasnodar, FSB Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Kubrak was detained for the reason he extorted from a local businessman first 500 thousand, and then a million rubles a month for “protecting” from criminal prosecution.

According to Kommersant with reference to the case file, businessman Alexei Miroshnikov appealed to law enforcement agencies with a complaint about extortion by an FSB officer. He owns the companies Aksoy, Akton, Forest and SetEnergo, which sell electricity.

“According to the investigation, at the end of 2013, Kubrak demanded that Miroshnikov pay 500 thousand rubles a month in exchange for protection from the initiation of criminal cases against him", - the Dozhd TV channel reports.

When contacting the internal security department of the FSB Directorate for the Krasnodar Territory, the entrepreneur complained that the officer was also demanding preferences from OJSC Kuban-Energo.

First, the security officer received money in cash from the businessman. Then his appetites began to grow: he asked to introduce his friend Marina Litvinova into the founders of Aksoy LLC.

For the convenience of calculations, he demanded to issue 30% in the authorized capital of the company for it and subsequently transfer the money to him through it. However, after a year, the money received by the FSB officer seemed to be not enough, and he began to demand monthly payments not in 500 thousand, but in a million rubles.

The publication notes that part of the amount was formalized as payment under a loan agreement.

In addition to the money, the FSB lieutenant colonel received three cars from the "covered" entrepreneur: Audi A5, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Land Rover Discovery.

However, the silovik did not stop there either. Soon Kubrak demanded that the entire Aksoy company be registered with his representative. The injured businessman did not agree to this, offering him in return 51% in SetEnergo LLC. In addition to the sewerage network in the Prikubansky district of Krasnodar, the security officer, through a representative, also received a one-room apartment in the residential complex "House on Shkolnaya" worth 2.7 million rubles.

The investigation believes that in total, since 2013, the security officer has received property and money from the businessman in the amount of 110 million rubles.

Now the investigation is checking whether the security official is involved in other audacious corruption crimes.