Posted 12 августа 2021, 11:51

Published 12 августа 2021, 11:51

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On the psychology of nomenclature individuals on the example of Sobchak

12 августа 2021, 11:51
Алина Витухновская
Here comes the entertaining pop. Spectacular psychologist Veronika Stepanova scoffs at the serf girl Sobchak, who “came to Moscow with her own money” and generally “made herself”. And in the program itself Sobchak! Where have you seen this?

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

"Mistress" did not keep track of and released self-destructive material on the air. Sobchak, like an autochthonous monster, ritually knocks with trinkets, as if deliberately emphasizing his savagery. Well, or "closeness to the people" - that's as you please.

Veronica Stepanova is a rare case of a successful person and pop psychologist. Kurpatov next to her looks like a neurotic, fearful partridge, the same "crumpled little man." This is a vivid illustration of what I have written about more than once - there are no successful people in today's Russia, everyone is marginalized here. Stepanova herself lives in Mexico.

Stepanova is attacked that she profanes, relegates psychology, psychoanalysis and psychiatry to a non-academic format. Well, he does the right thing! Eros, thanatos, relations with parents and all the reflections that follow from there have never possessed “sacredness” - equally academic - in the modern one. All these things are nothing more than a private affair of individual subjects. All of this is the essence - exhausting management practices, systemic instincts and imprints. Only he is free who is not subject to them.

Stepanova unwittingly revealed the whole basis of autochthonous life, namely, the family-clan oligarchy, which in the person of Sobchak actually exposes itself. Sobchak, on the other hand, looked surprisingly unprofessional, lost and monstrously notorious. There were several cases of overexposure.

"I consider myself ugly." Of course, she doesn't care anymore. In this case, the money is compensated. It was playing ugly to get the sympathy of the audience. But why does she need it? To the question "Have you bought your husbands?" Why not? In general, I can buy everyone. " Although why should she have husbands?

In general, with such money, it is extremely surprising to be such a subjectless, non-self-sufficient unit. Apparently, the fact is that she is not that stupid and understands her real status.

In the family-clan oligarchy, all without exception are hostages of both their environment and fate. Fate is an exclusively religious concept, pseudo-sacred. This is how an atheist man in the street calls God.

They said - life will force, teach (they meant - distort). They said - with time you will understand (meaning - you will become like us.) An amazing property of the local repressive-autochthonous consciousness is to spread failures, destructiveness, tragedy to others. Including their own children.

When the reaction was already in full swing, I heard from one poet - "And now you suffer as we do." This awkward and sneaky saying is the whole essence of the Russian samsaric loop.

As for me, I turned out to be stable and static. Nothing that frightened me happened to me. What happens over time? Perhaps the ambitions are growing. And texts and even poems "grow" from the calculation. Heroism is often mixed with a cocktail of laziness and vanity. It's the easiest thing to be a hero. Will is obstinacy. And “fate” is just lack of will.

In the comments below my post on Facebook, the curious idea arose that fate is a choice of whom to imitate. Subjectless and infantile people in archaic communities are just like that. Therefore, local women, seeking to emphasize their status, buy branded handbags. However, as it should be in the world of idiots - handbags remain holders of status above their owners.

The Sobchak phenomenon, in addition to her obvious complexes, also lies in the fact that she is a hostage of specific relationships that have already become traditional in a very limited framework-delineated environment. In fact, we can talk about a certain parasitic biological group within the entire population of Russia - all these heirs of party functionaries, security officials, bureaucrats.

Despite the fact that all these creatures are quite cynical, they have learned well to lie to others, but badly to themselves. So, for example, it turned out that Sobchak is afraid of loneliness and needs love like any provincial Cinderella.

We are taught so much about the value of love and about the problems of dislike. The great secret is that the subject does not need love. She erases it, devalues it, levels it out. Although the subject may well use it, translating it into a resource.

All unhappy Russian families are equally unhappy - they have a huge shortage of resources for children. Although the most important thing that parents should give a child is education and housing. All happy Russian families are equally happy, they are so unhappy that they do not know how unhappy they are. And they always confuse cause and effect relationships.

Here is a young man who piously believes that he loves his homeland, that he is a patriot. But it turns out - I haven’t learned English. And so it is here in everything. Crafty substitutions so as not to hit the sick vanity.