Posted 12 августа 2021,, 17:55

Published 12 августа 2021,, 17:55

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Panic in London: Russian nuclear submarines have surrounded the British Isles!

Panic in London: Russian nuclear submarines have surrounded the British Isles!

12 августа 2021, 17:55
The Sun newspaper reported on dozens of Russian Borei submarine cruisers that have sunk to great depths and, on Putin's orders, are carrying out "sinister missions" off the coast of Great Britain.

Gennady Charodeyev

There really is something to get excited about! The Borei project nuclear submarine, frightens The Sun, is capable of carrying the latest Zircon 3M22 supersonic missiles and hitting targets at a distance of 11,000 kilometers. Moreover, Russian nuclear submarines are ready to destroy entire cities in Europe in a matter of minutes.

A British military source said: “The reason for these extremely deep Russian missions is not yet clear to most analysts. Most likely, this may be an attempt by Russia to provide covert access to the entire Atlantic".

“Recently, the activity of Russian submarines has increased, as has the activity of most of the Russian armed forces,” military experts quoted The Sun as saying. - Russians strive to demonstrate their strength and influence around the world as much as possible. This is especially true of its Northern Fleet, which plays a decisive role in providing Russia with access to the Atlantic".

Apparently, having received advice from specialists, the journalists of the publication are surprised: usually Russian submarines do not dive deeper than 400 meters...

Military expert Bruce Jones said in London: “The attitude of the Russian military has been alarming for several months now. This is evidenced, for example, by the recent build-up of Russian military power on the border with Ukraine. Russia's latest step with submarines may simply be to tease NATO and make alliance members nervous. But in any case, this definitely means an escalation of the Russian military preparations. It should be especially noted that now they are paying special attention to deep-sea operations, thus increasing the secrecy of their submarine fleet".

The Sun recalled that during the G7 summit earlier this year, concerns were raised that a Russian cruise missile submarine might be patrolling the Cornwall coast, where the summit was being held.

At the time, reports claimed that the Royal Air Force was conducting "unusual" operations in the waters and airspace around the area, causing public concern.

It turns out that a £ 30 million “steel ring” was created to ensure the security of the summit, which even included the use of the Prince of Wales aircraft carrier.

According to the American magazine The Washington Examiner, in the days leading up to the G7 summit, NATO's naval and air forces participated in separate operations to combat the perceived security threat posed by the Russians. This included increased activity by the United States Navy, British Naval and Air Force and French anti-submarine aircraft.

The Washington Examiner also said that the RAF P-8 Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft was deployed 500 miles from its base in Lossiemouth, Scotland to perform low-speed and low-speed patrol flights in the Cornwall area.

The reconnaissance aircraft operated directly at the 12-mile British maritime border, which led many to believe that the P-8 Poseidon was tracking a specific target at sea, for example, the Prince Vladimir monster submarine.

- Complete nonsense! Behind this, I see only one thing - the desire of the British tabloid to make a sensation from scratch, to attract the attention of readers and to intimidate ordinary people with the "Russian threat". We do not have "dozens of submarines of the Borey project!" And they do not walk at such depths, although they can "dive deep". Pure fake! There is even nothing to comment on, - said the Vice-Admiral of the Reserve, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Tengiz Borisov to Novye Izvestia.