Posted 12 августа 2021,, 18:04

Published 12 августа 2021,, 18:04

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Personal experience: how the traffic police closed the case of the accident and escape from the accident scene

Personal experience: how the traffic police closed the case of the accident and escape from the accident scene

12 августа 2021, 18:04
A Muscovite complained on social networks about the inaction of specific traffic police officers in the case of the accident, causing damage and the escape of the culprit from the scene of the accident

Muscovite Yevgenia Sokolova shared in her publication a very "interesting and fascinating story" about the work of the Moscow traffic police:

“I will not generalize, I will indicate only real data that happened to me personally.

On April 22, at 8.45 am, a Toyota Land Cruiser s975us199 drove through my car while I was in the car. The fact that I ran out and started honking did not embarrass the owner and he fled from the scene of the accident.

At about 14 o'clock, a traffic police officer arrived, recorded 2 chips on my car - he gave me a definition of 77 PO 0148421, in which I was assigned a visit to the traffic police on Skolkovskoye Highway, 29 on April 27, in 101 offices.

My case was handled by Senior Lieutenant K., who said that the driver would be found and revoked when I asked about it. I also have a statement from a witness, a living person who saw this whole situation with his own eyes.

Oh yes, I met this lady on the same day, stopped her and offered to inspect the cars, to which she rudely answered me that she did not feel anything and would not waste her time!

I came twice to the traffic police, and then they told me to come after 3 months, and since I am not particularly savvy in these matters and used to trust authorized persons, I agreed.

On July 9, I was strongly advised to come AFTER July 22, since there is still time, and the employees sent a notification to the person responsible for the accident on May 13 and 18, but the owner never showed up. But here's the bad luck: the owner is a man born in 1945, and a girl of 35-40 years old was driving. Also, a traffic police officer told me that there is no even OSAGO insurance on this car.

Senior Lieutenant K. made an appointment for me on July 27, knowing that he would not be at work that day, and since the office work was closed, only he could give me a decision to close the case.

I wasted my time. And when I arrived on August 6, he issued me an order to close the case.

There was no trial, no one was deprived of anything. Yes, apparently, they did not look for anyone.

This raises the question: what law stipulates that you can ram other people's cars without insurance, and leave the scene of an accident, and that our valiant guards of the law close such cases?

Or is it because there is a "Kruzak", and I have a modest Audi? Or did the employee have a personal interest in this matter?

I sent complaints to the prosecutor's office, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, the Investigative Committee and the Anti-Corruption Department, and I really hope that my issue will be resolved. After all, today she rammed my car and disappeared from the accident scene, and tomorrow she could knock down someone's child to death!

I would very much like to receive compensation for material and moral damage, reopen the case, find a driver and deprive her of her rights. Or do I misunderstand the legislation of the Russian Federation?"