Posted 16 августа 2021, 14:04

Published 16 августа 2021, 14:04

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There is nothing left to wish: why the West has ceased to be a reference point for Russians

16 августа 2021, 14:04
Марина Шаповалова
If in the days of the USSR, the citizens of the country dreamed of living "in the Western" way, now they have practically the same thing, which means they have nothing to dream about.

Marina Shapovalova, writer

Why am I worried about the condition of the conditional West, when I live in the Russian Federation, where everything is much worse, and the trends are generally frightening with possible prospects.

Because I remember the mass sentiments of the last decades of the USSR. When the "decaying West", and not at all the communism promised by the Soviet government, was the desired reference point for all Soviet people.

If we do not go into the analysis of Soviet people's misconceptions about "Western life", which they could only see in the cinema, the bottom line will be one naked truth: we knew for sure that behind the "Iron Curtain" people live better materially and freer. We knew this from the quality of imported goods, from the stories of those who saw the assortment of their stores. On the free movement of people between the capitalist countries, while we were not allowed anywhere without exit visas. Because they did not have a leading party there, to which we had to report all our lives and prove loyalty to it, loyalty to its ideology. They did not have state ideologies, the denial of which drives a person into the status of an outcast. They did not have a mass of stupid prohibitions, which we were limited from all sides. Knowing all this, we were not mistaken then. That is why no one came out to defend the Soviet regime when it staggered and collapsed.

After all, we did not have dog heads. We, Europeans and Americans, were people of the same planet, equally arranged by nature. We were only distinguished from them by the nature of the regime. This means that we could see the reason for our "lagging behind them forever" only in him, in that power, which, according to her, led us to a life more justly arranged, richer and free. She also made us believe it. But we didn't believe.

Nobody believed. Nobody - from a simple hard worker to party functionaries of the highest levels. No one who dreamed of intellectual freedom or sausage and boots on the free sale without queues. None of the unarmed and armed by that power to protect it. If you ask anyone then, everyone would say that capitalism is a normal human reality, and communism is a lie that chained us to a kennel with a bowl of gruel.

Only against such a total background can power fall out of the hands of those who hold it.

The landmark was incomplete in the eyes of an ordinary Soviet person, who did not have the opportunity to see and understand the details of the Western way of life, but it was not false. In him, everything that the Soviet people wanted for themselves, here, with us, was just truthful. What they were deprived of.

Show me what Russian conventional “quilted jackets” and “intellectuals” are deprived of today in order to want “like theirs”? A hundred varieties of grub? - you will be told that everything is in bulk, there would be money. Quality clothes? - everything is the same Chinese everywhere. Freedom of movement? - Where is she? Freedom of speech? - so many words will be named to you, which in the West cannot be pronounced, that you yourself will wave your hand and leave so as not to listen to the opinion about gay pride parades and BLM.

An alternative to the current regime must look successful for the regime to lose the support of a significant portion of the population. Today, no alternative to the Putin regime looks like that.

For so many reasons. Among which, the most noticeable is what looks like the imposition of ideological restrictions or completely madness that has struck billions of seemingly normal people.

With this "medical fact" we will have to live on. Looks like more than a decade.

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