Posted 17 августа 2021,, 12:38

Published 17 августа 2021,, 12:38

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Leave them alone! Why it is not necessary to remake the Islamic world in a Western manner

Leave them alone! Why it is not necessary to remake the Islamic world in a Western manner

17 августа 2021, 12:38
The Afghan, Chechen, and even the entire Russian experience teaches that all attempts to instill democratic European values in a traditional society turn into another tragedy.

The easy and quick victory of the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) in Afghanistan raised the question with renewed vigor in the West: what to do with the Islamic world? Is it possible to re-educate and force people who were born and raised in traditional societies to accept Western values. Even the example of a semi-European Russia suggests that this is impossible, but what can we expect from Afghanistan? And the most interesting thing is that the Russian authorities understand this, not only stubbornly promoting certain traditional values, but also allowing all those who disagree with them to quietly leave their homeland if they want to live with Western values. Here is what network analyst Bulat Khaliullin writes about this problem in his publication:

I am now being bombarded with tomatoes for the thought that I will now express, but I think that I still need to do it.

In Afghanistan, the modern secular government falls under the onslaught of the Taliban with its medieval order.

Chechen girls who dare to run away from their relatives for any reason are searched for, forcibly returned home, and nobody knows what they are doing at home.

In Russia, in general and on the whole, after the collapse of the USSR, there is a degradation and archaization of almost all social relations - international isolation, simplification of the economy, legal chaos and arbitrariness.

All these examples clearly show that an initially archaic society cannot be imposed by force on conditionally modern, "democratic" orders and values.

In Russia, the communists descended from above all sorts of attributes of civil society - mass associations, elections, a constitution, a single community (the Soviet people). As a result, after the fall of the communist regime, civil society in Russia did not develop. People still unite with each other with great difficulty, elections are similar to the reappointment of functionaries, the Constitution does not actually work, there is no single nation as a recognized community.

In Afghanistan, the Americans overthrew the Taliban and established a pro-Western democratic regime, adjusted for local specifics. The president, parliament, elections, the army, relatively free morals in society - everything is as it should be. As a result, after the withdrawal of American troops, this regime never gained mass support. Government troops surrender to the newly advancing Taliban in the hope of mercy, in the territories occupied by the Taliban the old order is restored with all sorts of prohibitions and orders, in the capital still controlled by the government there is a huge number of refugees with an unenviable fate.

In Chechnya, at first, the communists tried to impose their order on the mountaineers, described above, then, after the proclamation of independence, the newly-minted Russia sent there "federal" (and in fact - imperial) troops to "restore the constitutional (and in fact, uniform) order." As a result, the relatively secular separatists were replaced by the Islamists seeking expansion, who nevertheless returned to Russia, but on their own terms. "Federal" laws do not work there, everyone knows who runs on the money received from Allah, social relations exist in the clan system based on the interweaving of traditional orders with the norms of Sharia.

In all these cases, after a short and unstable period of "progress", there was a steady rollback back into the archaic. Those who from outside imposed "progressive" order on society by force are considered occupiers, and those from among the locals who collaborated with them or simply shared their values - collaborators and traitors, with an attitude appropriate to the given society.

From all this I draw the following sad, but, as I think, the only reasonable conclusion.

If society itself is archaic, then there is no point in instructing it on the "true path" - all the same it will turn out, at best, a waste of time, at worst - a humanitarian catastrophe. It is necessary to come to terms with the archaic nature of this society at the current stage of its development and act as in "It is difficult to be a god" - to save "collaborators and traitors" without interfering with the course of history that is natural for a given society. And wait until society itself grows up to the adoption of "progressive" values, without pushing it to this a single step. It may take a long time to wait. But in another way, alas, no way.

Deal with it. Let me in. Let it be ... "


Analyst Maxim Averbukh generally divided the modern world into two parts: a civilization of progress and a civilization of peace. And, in this regard, he proposed to stop trying to remake the Islamic world in a Western manner:

“I propose to think about the following:

- Islamic society professes other - different from Christian - values

- progress, like the high standard of living of the majority of the population, is not included in these values;

- there is nothing wrong with that, just a large mass of people live differently

- if Western civilization is a civilization of progress, then Islamic (conditionally) is peace and contemplation;

- those Islamic fundamentalists who organize terrorist attacks in Western countries - they just betrayed Islam, because their actions are caused by the awareness of the technical and social backwardness of the Islamic world from Western civilization, but in order to decide that there is backwardness, you must first recognize progress as a value ;

- Muslims practically do not change under external influence, falling into a different - Western - environment, they also remain unchanged, hence the simple conclusion: segregation, separation, Western countries should stop massive Islamic immigration - but they themselves should not meddle with their values in the form of progress and democracy in the Islamic world;

- now it will be all the more simple because oil - and with it the Islamic world - is losing its significance;

- the problem is that expansion is one of the main values of Islam and Islamic immigration is trying to spread its norms of life to new places of residence - thereby destroying them. Because - immigration should be stopped, those Muslims who want a better life - let them build it in their homeland ... "