Posted 17 августа 2021,, 16:51

Published 17 августа 2021,, 16:51

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Sochi turned out to be the cheapest beach destination in August

Sochi turned out to be the cheapest beach destination in August

17 августа 2021, 16:51
The Association of Tour Operators has calculated where it is cheapest for Russians to relax in August this year. Among the beach destinations, the most budgetary ones turned out to be holidays in Sochi and Anapa.

You can stay in these resort towns together for ten days for an average of 36 thousand rubles, taking into account food, accommodation and flight from Moscow.

As reported in the association, the entry of these cities into the list of the most budgetary is due to the restrictions on hotel accommodation introduced earlier by the authorities of the Krasnodar Territory. As a reminder, by the decision of the governor, starting from August 1, it is possible to stay in hotels in the region only with a certificate of a recent illness, or with a vaccination certificate.

Earlier it was noted that with the introduction of these restrictions, Russians began to massively refuse tours previously booked to the region. As a result, hoteliers have even been forced to cut room prices in order to attract tourists. However, as explained in the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT), the fall in prices did not greatly affect the increase in demand. "Hotels have reduced prices by 10-20%, and also offered tourists discounts on children accommodation up to 50%. However, this did not help much. The reason for the fall in demand was not financial: people simply did not want to get vaccinated for a trip to the Krasnodar Territory," she commented earlier Irina Tyurina, press secretary of the PCT.

In second place in terms of the availability of recreation for Russians is Crimea. Prices for vacations on the peninsula in August rose slightly due to the fact that the authorities do not require Russians to confirm vaccinations or a recent illness. As a result, the cost of recreation on the Black Sea coast in Crimea increased by 46% - up to 52 thousand rubles for two.

Crimea turned out to be less competitive in price with a vacation in Abkhazia, the average cost of living in which for two for ten days is estimated at 49 thousand rubles.

Kaliningrad Region is among the top three budget options for recreation on the Russian coast. You can relax here for an average of 59 thousand rubles. In terms of the cost of recreation, the region is inferior to Turkey, where, on average, you can relax for 55 thousand rubles with an all-inclusive meal plan.

Among foreign destinations, the UAE remains one of the cheapest options, the prices for vacations in which over the past two weeks have decreased by 1.5% - to 76 thousand rubles. A trip to Bulgaria and Morocco will cost 84 and 87 thousand rubles. Egypt, according to the association, will cost more - from 91 thousand rubles.

Tours to Albania, Croatia and Greece will already start from 123 thousand rubles. Expenses in these directions in August increased by 15%, Greece rose by 25%. The most rapid growth in the cost of holidays in Cyprus. Rest in this country will cost an average of 177 thousand rubles. Tours to Cuba and the Maldives will cost less - 142 thousand and 153 thousand rubles, respectively.

The most expensive holiday destinations for Russians in August were the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Seychelles. For a trip to these countries, you will have to pay from 226 thousand rubles.