Posted 17 августа 2021,, 16:24

Published 17 августа 2021,, 16:24

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Taliban banned flights from Kabul airport

17 августа 2021, 16:24
The radical Taliban movement, banned on the territory of the Russian Federation, announced the suspension of all flights from the international airport of the capital of Afghanistan.

As reported by TASS with reference to the data of the Sky News Arabia TV channel, the Taliban * detachments approached the airport, separate groups of Taliban had already entered the building.

“The Taliban fired several times in the air to disperse the people gathered there and in the area adjacent to the airport,” the statement said.

Shooting is carried out from machine guns. All commercial flights from Kabul Airport have been canceled. Transit aircraft were advised to change their route bypassing Afghanistan.

According to the airport security service, the airport will open to civilians on Saturday, August 21.

As soon as the Taliban took Kabul, local residents began to flee from the capital. President of the country Ashraf Ghani and all the leadership of the state left the territory of Afghanistan. According to observers, Ghani fled in a helicopter full of money. Some of the hatches with valuables did not fit into the cabin, they were thrown on the runway.

Panic began in the country. Crowds of people occupied the airport, hoping to fly away. Some, in desperation, grabbed onto the landing gear of planes taking off and died.

The Politico edition cites the story of an Afghan journalist from Kabul, who is now forced into hiding with his family. According to him, this is what was happening in the capital of Afghanistan when the Taliban entered it:

“The city is full of panic and fear. It is now curfew, so the streets of Kabul are completely empty and quiet. So many journalists call me. I am afraid for their lives. For me and thousands of others, this is the worst night of my life. This [the Taliban's lightning seizure of power] happened contrary to everyone's expectations. We thought the Americans wouldn't leave us - which seems to be happening right now. I am trying to find a way to escape. Now I'm in a position like I have a big target on my back. If I said, “I'm not afraid,” I would be lying. The US must act decisively. They must be consistent and firmly say to the Taliban: "You cannot kill people." This should be discussed very decisively and extremely seriously. Afghan journalists can continue to broadcast, but not as extensively as usual. Many media outlets were turned off; even now, not all of them work. People fled to their homes, and there they remain. I entrust my fate to the Almighty. Because I can't trust anyone else. "

Meanwhile, the Taliban announced that they would guarantee amnesty to all the security forces and the military. They appealed to the local population to return to their jobs.

* - recognized as terrorist and prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation