Posted 19 августа 2021, 09:56

Published 19 августа 2021, 09:56

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Take the women away from the Taliban* and they won't do anything else!

19 августа 2021, 09:56
Марина Шаповалова
People who say that “Islamists have such a culture” would like to say: stop playing the fool, there are no such “cultures” whose carriers want to be bullied, humiliated and killed.

Marina Shapovalova, writer

I don't care how original their culture is. How fundamental are their values. I do not want to debate how right they can be in striving to keep the commandments in the immutability of which they believe. I don't give a damn about their desire to live by their own laws.

I just think that in the 21st century, humanity has the ability to save Afghan women from a culture that is murderous, not just humiliating for them.

How once were several states able to rescue Jews from that ship sent back to Hitler's Germany. But at first they all refused to save - it was not according to Feng Shui - and then for decades they exponentially sprinkle themselves with ashes, fall on their knees: “Ah, the Holocaust! Horrible! Never again!.."

Thank you for your massive mourning for the victims. But they were killed! Half of those who could have been saved! And this is only one "ship of the doomed", and how many more Jews tried to flee to other states, but after all, they fled "not according to the rules", illegally ... Of those six million, what part could still be saved?

So "never again"?

If it has not yet reached that it is impossible to leave people in mortal danger, recognizing the "right" of the state to rape and kill them - what do we swear not to repeat, constantly repeating?

Are the women of Afghanistan not human? If bearded Muslims have such, excuse me, "culture", then women should not be saved from inevitable reprisals? How many lives in hell now? How much bullying? How many will simply be killed right away for having the courage to actively violate traditions?

And it would be fine if there was no way to save. But this is not so! In the modern world there is everything for this. And the time was. It was possible to take out all comers and place them in different countries. Yes, there would be problems, but incomparable with what now threatens these unfortunates.

It just seems to everyone that this is not so. It is easier to convince themselves that they themselves want this “life”.

People who say “they have such a culture”, like, it suits them, I want to say: tie the fool! There are no “cultures” whose carriers want to be bullied, humiliated and killed. Individual sexual perversion does not count - it is not culture in any sense.

There is a forceful usurpation of power to kill and rape. And there is the impossibility of resisting violence with the absolute domination of the rapist. Nothing else, no "cultural identity" and other inexplicable magic.

In my novel "Twelve Moons" this theme is central. Take the women away from them, and they can do nothing else! Without bad reflections that women are supposedly bearers of the same culture. No, they are not. Women in it are a means of realizing and reproducing traditional practices, misogynistic and, in general, misanthropic. They are forced to the role of such a means by the fact of birth, there is no personal will to accept it. At no age, including an adult. From the point of view of this traditional culture itself, women are not full-fledged people, therefore, from within the tradition, they cannot be its carriers.

Take the women away from them!

It is possible.

If you take it away, they will run out.

* terrorist organization banned in Russia

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