Posted 30 августа 2021, 06:01

Published 30 августа 2021, 06:01

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:38

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The accident de-energized nine villages in the Irkutsk region

30 августа 2021, 06:01
In nine settlements of the Kuytunsky district of the Irkutsk region, power supply was cut off due to the accident.
Irkutsk region

"On August 30, at 4:05 local time, an emergency power outage occurred in the settlements of the Kuytunsky region - Buruk, Alkin, Brody, Taezhny, Mingatuy, Barluk, Okinsk, Berezovskoye, Khaikhta", - the Irkutsk Electric Grid Company reported.

About a thousand people live in settlements. Work teams from the Western Electric Networks arrived at the scene of the accident and are carrying out repair work there.

It's worth reminding that in July, power outages in Irkutsk were noted due to heavy downpours that covered the region. Then all emergency services of the regional center came out to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.