Posted 30 августа 2021,, 14:42

Published 30 августа 2021,, 14:42

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Video of the day: the director of the Sunday school believes that Russia's task is to seize foreign lands

Video of the day: the director of the Sunday school believes that Russia's task is to seize foreign lands

30 августа 2021, 14:42
The leading section of the heads of Orthodox Sunday schools in the Yekaterinburg diocese shared her thoughts and geopolitical convictions with her colleagues.

The theses, incredible from the point of view of Christianity, were voiced by the leading section of the heads of the Orthodox Sunday schools of the Yekaterinburg diocese Alyona Bogdanova And she said literally the following (in the video this is the end of the 24th minute):

“The task of the state is to annex the lands to Russia, to increase the territory, to seize the people, and the task of the saint is to consecrate this land, come to it, pray, celebrate the Eucharist on it, and thus this land is spiritualized. If we remember that the Kingdom of God is in heaven, then we know how to build it on earth..."

Deacon Andrey Kurayev commented on these revelations in his blog:

“This feudalism will be carried by teachers to children. Well, in the post-Crimean era, this is a very relevant thesis..."

Readers were even sharper in their assessments:

- This is not Christianity, this is some other religion, like fascism.

- Sweet meek mothers with angelically nailed voices, and they vomit just such an inhuman blizzard

- This is no longer hidden fascism! And if the people on the occupied lands do not want to accept such "spirituality" and will resist the occupation, what to do with them? In prisons, in camps, in the oven?

- Well, the word of honor, why attack a person like that because of an unsuccessful phrase. Yes, IN THE PAST, the state seized territories along with the population. It is clear that now the methods have changed - civilized states do not do that. But the Russian Federation lives by the principles of the 19th century. So what do you want from a woman? She only repeats what she hears from the rulers who merge with the Chekists above. So the fish rots from the head.