Posted 31 августа 2021,, 07:00

Published 31 августа 2021,, 07:00

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Most consumers are willing to stop using plastic dishes

Most consumers are willing to stop using plastic dishes

31 августа 2021, 07:00
80% of Russians are ready to stop using plastic glasses, plates and other utensils. Every year the percentage of citizens who support the rejection of plastic is growing.

As follows from a survey of the SuperJob service, the results of which are cited by RIA Novosti, 44% of Russians are definitely ready to do without plastic dishes, 38% are more likely ready. Those who answered in this way are sure that plastic packaging is a misfortune for the planet and it brings a global environmental catastrophe closer.

Analysts pointed out that in 2018, 34% of citizens were ready to unequivocally give up plastic dishes. Every year the number of people who share this point of view is growing. However, 4% admitted that they needed plastic dishes. 14% are more likely not ready to give it up. They believe that non-recyclable plastic simply needs to be replaced with recyclable plastic.

Let us remind you that earlier the Ministry of Natural Resources compiled a list of 28 types of disposable plastic packaging and goods. It was proposed to replace them with those made from natural materials.