Posted 31 августа 2021,, 10:48

Published 31 августа 2021,, 10:48

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

There is no such law: the network is discussing whether the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia legally punished the comedian Mirzalizade

31 августа 2021, 10:48
Not only did the Russian authorities only whip up Russophobic sentiments in society with their decision, they also don’t know that in a democratic society it is impossible to condemn a person for his words.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia considered that the presence of stand-up comedian Idrak Mirzalizade in Russia threatens public order and the rights of other people, since he made statements in his speech that “incite hatred against Russians and humiliate their human dignity”...

As a result, it was decided to recognize Merzalizade's stay in Russia as undesirable for life.

In early August, the comedian was arrested for ten days because of a joke about how a non-Slavic person from other cities could rent an apartment in Moscow. Merzalizade gave an example of a life story when, after all, having rented an apartment, he threw away the "crumpled mattress".

“Apparently, the Russians are smeared with shit and go to bed”, - Mirzalizade said.

The decision of the police authorities was not influenced by the fact that the comedian apologized several times for his joke, not counting the fact that he served ten days under arrest. His life-long deportation thus looks like revenge. Even if the joke was unsuccessful, it is hardly worth such a harsh punishment, much less one.

Moreover, the main problem is that the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will only stir up Russophobic sentiments both abroad and in Russia itself, as it will attract the attention of all those who disagree with Russian politics. But that's not all: it is simply unthinkable to judge a person for words, and not for real actions, according to any democratic laws. So the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has distinguished itself here in full, doing everything to aggravate the situation.

Disgraced Russian opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov compared two high-profile events of recent days:

“Comedian Mirzalizade's joke was, to put it mildly, stupid. But.

For a joke, a person is first arrested and then expelled from Russia.

The entire 146 million Russian Federation could not survive a few words.

But other words - from the leader of the organization "Male State" (or "Men State"), which is allowed in Russia, Pozdnyakov, survived perfectly. She wiped herself off and survived again.

About blacks and gays, about women and migrants: I ate everything, darling.

And she asked for supplements by running a wide spoon of the center "E" into this brown mass.

He, as we now, from the official response of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, we know, did not transfer the data of fem-activists to Pozdnyakov. It's just that they somehow turned out to be with him. It happens, really.

And now Mirzalizadeh was exiled for a joke. And Pozdnyakov will soon, believe me, be presented with an award for threats, attacks and the most natural incitement to hostility. I would give the Order of Friendship. Two.

Defeated fascism, you say? Grandfathers were at war? I have bad news for my grandfathers..."

Journalist Semyon Novoprudsky does not understand at all how a person can be judged for his words:

“The problem is that the wild decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia only increases the share of truth in Idrak’s worthless joke. Moreover, it was precisely the absolutely idiotic reaction of the Russian authorities that led to the fact that this stupid and mediocre joke is now guaranteed to be listened to by an order of magnitude more people than they would have heard if the Russian authorities were smart enough to simply not notice it.

The Russian authorities in their reaction resembled the logic of Idrak's joke. In general, the complete ethical stupidity of our authorities is even worse than their thieving or managerial inefficiency.

It is impossible to joke literally about everything unconditionally, but not in a legal sense, but in an ethical sense. Such things, in principle, cannot be regulated by laws. Any such law automatically turns a person into a stupid animal, which is not able to understand itself that it is impossible to joke about some things. And, most importantly, it does not reduce the number of such jokes. But every criminal prosecution for such a joke automatically advertises it - everyone looks at what the dude was punished for.

The problem is that this decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will only increase the number of young people who find the Idrak thing funny in its own way. In this case, I do not judge at all by any environment or by myself personally. In my opinion, this is a completely general principle - there is no way to regulate the law of jokes and thoughts. Only actions..."

Professor of the Free University, Doctor of Law Yelena Lukyanova drew attention to the legal aspect of the problem:

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs, by its own decision, without confirming this either in court or anywhere, recognized the lifelong undesirability of staying on the territory of the Russian Federation. Limitation of rights can only occur by law. The prosecutor's office interpreted this law completely arbitrarily, and the courts, as we know, do not even look at any evidence. This is what we have been going for all these years. When the role of value and respect for parliament, for the law declined, and absolute priority was established for the executive branch and other departments. They, without reasoning, at their own discretion, make decisions as they please and they cannot be shortened..."

And journalist Kirill Shulika found another background in this decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

“I hope everyone understands that Idrak Mirzalizadeh was expelled from Russia with a ban on entry forever within the framework of the election campaign, and not because one cannot joke about Russians. As early as September 20, they will begin to tell us that there are not enough migrants in Russia and we need to understand that Russia is a multinational country, etc.

Don't even hesitate!"