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Published 3 сентября 2021,, 12:38

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"Not everyone was put behind bars for the case with cosmodrome..." Experts assessed the construction of cities in Siberia

"Not everyone was put behind bars for the case with cosmodrome..." Experts assessed the construction of cities in Siberia

3 сентября 2021, 12:38
In all likelihood, the Russian authorities, instead of building cities from scratch, intend to merge existing ones.

According to RBC, the new city of Sputnik with an area of 3 million square meters. m and a population of 300 thousand people will appear 30 km from Vladivostok in the TOP "Nadezhdinskaya". The corresponding agreement within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) was signed by Prime Minister Vera Shcherbina, representatives of the Ministry of Russia for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, JSC Far East Development Corporation, development corporation VEB.RF and LLC New City Projects.

Thus, the project provides for the implementation of the complex development of the territory of the city "Sputnik" within the framework of a single concept with an approximate area of 3 million square meters. m on land plots of 925 hectares. The new city will be located in the Nadezhdinskaya ASEZ at the Western site.

Thus, it is obvious that the plans recently announced by Shoigu are beginning to come true - the construction of 3-5 million-plus cities in Siberia. But, most likely, they are not new at all. Political scientist Ilya Grashchenkov writes about this in his channel:

“The first million-plus city will appear in the Far East. Vladivostok and Khabarovsk are competing for the project. In Primorye, passes the WEF, which last flew President Putin and discuss prospects for the development, made a strange sound (As writes "MK": "P resident of Russia Vladimir Putin during a meeting with members of the government criticized the existing development of the Far East, he noted that officials strongly tightened. with the development of railways' capacity. There were miscalculations, and as a result, hopes were not justified. The President criticized the officials and demanded a “tangible result”. “The situation turned out differently. The infrastructure was not prepared for this!" average between clinking and “sniffing".)

Accordingly, all officials rushed there and gush with promises to develop a distant territory. Almond East has already promised to build there the first new city with a population of over one million in Russia and make its residents unrestrainedly happy.

The President outlined especially priority directions and ideas for the development of the Far East region. Energy, logistics, energy, tourism and human infrastructure have become key topics. In fact, Putin launched the "Far Eastern Five-Year Plan". Inspired by such a scale, Far Eastern Minister Alexei Chekunkov even promised to build the first city with a million population. But not from scratch, but by uniting Vladivostok and Artem, and building another city nearby - Sputnik. Acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev, who said that Khabarovsk will become a million-plus city before Vladivostok, hastened to get involved in the topic. True, in recent years people have mostly left the city, in the last year alone - more than 6 thousand people. But the plenipotentiary representative Trutnev hastened to dissociate himself from the projects, saying that it is important to put the existing cities in order. And there is not a lot of work in the region. True, then he nevertheless approved the idea of building a new city.

Only here's another problem. Even getting there is still difficult and events like the WEF once again emphasize this fact. Even the officials made it with difficulty.

But for some reason, I immediately remembered the idea of Defense Minister Shoigu to build 5 new cities with a population of one million in Siberia. I thought that they would be built right in the taiga, but apparently the idea is about the same - to unite already existing large cities in the agglomeration. Well, such a trend is indeed outlined and even included in the Mishusta strategy for 2030. And even earlier it was promoted by Prime Minister Medvedev. In general, nothing is new under the moon. Apparently everything will end with the unification of existing cities and their renaming. We can do this..."

And publicist Leonid Lyalin is seriously concerned about these Napoleonic plans:

“Your deeds are wonderful, effective managers. Even behind the Vostochny cosmodrome, not everyone sat down, but already the city was going to be built.

It all started in a classic way. One chief said that we need to build cities from Siberia. What would it be like in a stable system with working feedback? Representatives of the opposition would have explained to him that this is nonsense. There are no people, no one to live there. But the oppositionists are in prison or exile. And the zealous apparatus ran to implement.

True, not in Siberia, in the Far East, but if you look from Moscow, there is no difference. Vladivostok - "the city of ours" - so they will make an extension to it. Thousand for three hundred. Well, plus there is something else to add, play with numbers. There to paint, here to cheat, and here you are - a city with a population of over one million.

Why do we need a million inhabitants there? Well, the figure is beautiful. The reports will already shine. There are no other reasons. Confrontation with China? But he is also our "strategic partner". Or what, geopolitics? Yes, for him, what a million or two. Even for the regional center, not much.

And how creatively they created the name for the satellite city of Vladivostok! It was decided to call it "Sputnik".

So they explained: "This word, known all over the world as the moment of the highest triumph of Soviet science, is associated with the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite in October 1957." That this word has long been known all over the world as the name of a vaccine with a difficult fate, for some reason they did not remember. But "what do you call the boat...". That is, not very people will go to that city voluntarily. We'll have to forcibly drive, as for vaccination.

Garden city managers are usually not very good at it. Here is the city-camp they are quite capable of..."

“Considering that until recently the entire Far Eastern Territory was in such a rather depressed state, with the exception of a few factories that operate with efficiency and productivity, the new city will give an impetus to the development of this region. development in the near future. It is impossible not to take into account the geopolitical factor. If you have land and is not inhabited, then it is clear that greedy eyes from all sides are directed at it. And in general, it’s even a few who hide. So this city it is necessary exactly there, next to Vladivostok ", - says economist, RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev.

In his opinion, the city can be built in 10 years, the only thing that is not yet clear is how to resettle 300 thousand people there and where they will come from.

“I really didn’t want this city to be populated by migrants. I have a very good attitude towards them, but I still wanted our people there to get decent housing, decent work, and generally normal living conditions. It’s not easy for everyone. Moreover, many local residents, despite the fact that they have been living there for two or three generations, still consider their housing as temporary and hope to eventually move to the west, that is, beyond the Urals. How to reverse these suitcase moods? very subtle informational work is needed, etc., because it is not easy to remove people from the center and persuade them to move to the east. This requires a very good incentive, not only material, but also cultural. This is a very cool work to do", - said Mikhail Belyayev...