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Published 6 сентября 2021,, 07:26

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Matriarchy without borders: why men in Russia are doomed to a slave life

Matriarchy without borders: why men in Russia are doomed to a slave life

6 сентября 2021, 07:26
Well, it finally happened. At the congress of the United Russia party in August 2021, the National Idea was announced. It turned out to be a prosperous large family with a large number of children.

Hearing this, the women smiled, anticipating in languor new benefits, benefits, maternity capital, the cheerful work of bailiffs with debtors.

Vladimir Belyaev, opponent and victim of Russian matriarchy

But millions of men cursed quietly, saying to themselves: “We saw this national idea of yours in the coffin!”

Recently, the authorities have generally taken care, at least in words, demography. Which is not surprising in a country where 600-800-1 million annually residents they leave for the cemetery every year, the birth rate is falling all the time, the average fertility rate of a woman is 1.57 children. Plus, an estimated 300-350 thousand people leave the country every year, the exact number of whom no one knows, since many are not removed from registration, but simply quietly dumped.

And what about our strong family? The percentage of divorces in recent years has approached 100% of marriages, and in some regions has exceeded this threshold.

Let's first understand the meaning of the words: what is a family? We open the Family Code, carefully leaf through the pages, and? And in the Family Code there is no definition of a family. Code of what is not. Amazing book. Yes, and the Code itself is not so much about family and marriage as about divorce and alimony.

Everyone who creates a family and goes to the registry office to register a marriage can put any meaning in these words, as far as they are smart enough.

Do modern men and women have the same understanding of the meaning of family and marriage, and isn't this the fragility of these social and legal constructions?

A man creates a family, drugged and brainwashed by many years of massive propaganda on all media channels with the concepts: love, loyalty, reliability, nobility, responsibility, house-son-tree, reliable rear, a real man, a man must, a breadwinner, a protector ... All this is imposed and driven in into the heads of the guys with the whole system of education and brainwashing, which is feminine through and through, manipulative and deceitful. A mother who often brings up a son without a father, a nanny, a kindergarten teacher, a school teacher, a university teacher. The female system is diligently raising itself a new provider, a supplier of resources, a slave who will diligently hunchback, sometimes in two jobs, to raise a family and children.

What do a man and a woman have at the exit from the registry office?

A man leaves the registry office as a sucker, behind which the trap of a scam has slammed, and now a woman can do anything with him at any time, including file for divorce for no reason or reason. He has a full set of responsibilities and no rights at all in this very family. For example, we read:

Article 31 of the Family Code - Equality of spouses in the family

  1. Each of the spouses is free to choose their occupation, profession, place of stay and residence.

What does it mean? The spouse is not even obliged to live with hubby, can hang out, anywhere, can do anything, even provide intimate services on the track. How do you like such a strong family and such a Code?

Who is the man in the family?

Anecdote: A psychiatrist asks a woman who came to see him: “Have you ever had megalomania in your family?” “The husband considers himself to be the head of the family”, - she replies.

The man is left with one role - the role of the earner of money, who pays, pays, pays for everything...

Well, and a sperm donor for a woman.

Is a family created for the birth of children?

Can a husband force his wife to give birth if she doesn't want to? No. If she gets pregnant and wants to have an abortion, can he force her not to? No. She may not tell him anything at all, go and have an abortion, which he will never know about.

The wife is not obliged to be faithful, she can fly in from another, and the goof-husband will feed the child of another male until he realizes to do a DNA test.

No one will stone her with stones, as in "civilized" countries with strong families and traditions.

A fascinating and instructive reading of this Code.

And what about our beloved women?

A woman goes to the registry office not to get married, but to get married.

The business plan of this project is simple and straightforward: take it on the belly (get pregnant) - drag a sucker to the registry office - put in a stall and start milking (make them find a second job) - to force to sell the apartment received from the grandmother, take a mortgage and buy a larger apartment (jointly acquired property, which is divided in half upon divorce) - take a loan for a car - wait a few years until the children grow up, the goof will pay off the loans, make a career with a good white salary - file for divorce, divide housing and property, pick up children who will be given to her with a 98% probability - start a new happy life strong, independent, independent - look for the next sucker who will work for her and her child, and even be so stupid as to give birth to another. With this, you can also get a divorce and receive a second alimony.

90% of applications for divorce are filed by our loving, faithful reliable women, getting the opportunity to legally rob ex-husbands. As a super prize - children and alimony.

In the country, the same-sex family has actually become the norm: mother, her child, grandmother, cat, hamster. A man is exiled, doomed to go to courts in order to be able to communicate with a child.

Divorce is a great social lift, allowing even a pretty country girl with no education to quickly move to the high levels of society.

Divorce has become a branch of the gray economy.

A huge "Divorce Corporation" has been created in the country in the literal meaning of this word, "a scam for money" with billions of dollars in turnover and tens of thousands of employees: judges, court workers, lawyers, guardianship employees, all kinds of psychologists and consultants, coaches, bailiffs, employees of real estate agencies, black realtors, just scammers and bandits. This whole gang feeds on divorces and family legislation, which inevitably generates divorce.

Of the 35,000 bailiffs, most are engaged in the collection of alimony, according to orders of execution, which make up 80% of enforcement proceedings.

Soon banks will start making serious money on divorces, lobbying for the creation of an alimony fund, the funds of which (taxpayers' money will pour in in an uninterrupted stream) will be pumped through themselves by large financial structures, washing their own pretty penny. Or billions?

And then there were defaulters and debtors of the alimony debt in the amount of 155 billion rubles. An excellent field of activity for bailiffs who receive a 14% enforcement fee. You can take away the property of debtors, valuing it at a penny and resell it through your people and firms for real money.

Alimony and their failure to pay is a consequence of the systematic violation of the rights of at least two categories of people: these are children deprived of communication with one of the parents, and these are men who have been deprived of their children. Alimony is a symptom of a serious illness that suffers from the whole country, a real barbarism and the Middle Ages. This is a disease - their children were stolen from parents, turned into hostages, made an instrument of blackmail and extortion, preventing fathers from communicating with their children. As a result, we have massive fatherlessness, children with a crippled psyche, prone to deviant and criminal behavior.

Hundreds of thousands of fathers annually file lawsuits to determine the place of stay and the order of meetings with children. The vast majority of claims are lost. Even if the court has determined the order of meetings, there is no way to force the ex-wife to comply with such a decision. The bailiffs are not interested in this, because they will not receive money. Guardianship, too, will not break the door.

Civilized countries have long come up with a civilized alternative to alimony. This is joint custody , when the child takes turns living with both parents 50/50 of the time. And nobody pays any alimony.

In our country, alimony has become a form of parasitism of women on men. And women themselves are an instrument of the genocide of men in the hands of a matriarchal state. The life expectancy of men in the country is 14 years less than that of women. Men are literally destroyed. In Denmark, for example, the difference is only 3 years.

Understanding of what is happening gradually comes to men. In 2020, the number of marriages contracted decreased by 20% compared to 2019.

The country is ruled by double matriarchy in the most accurate scientific understanding of the word: matrilineal - a child is guaranteed only to a woman, matrilocality - when divorced, the child almost always remains with the mother. A man is not even guaranteed that he will pay alimony to his child. If a woman gave birth within 300 days after the divorce, then the child will be registered with the ex-husband. How do you like that? Pregnancy lasts 9 months, and unexpectedly you can become a father in the 10th month.

DNA testing should become mandatory, as has been done in China.

It can be said more precisely: the country is ruled by a brutal matriarchal feminine fascism, in which men are subjected to the most severe exploitation in the most difficult, difficult, dangerous jobs, serve as disenfranchised slaves in the workers' army, where they are crippled psychologically and sometimes physically, transformed into consumables, deprived of all rights in the family sphere, deprived of children, housing and property during divorces in babosuds, where 95% of judges are women who sue other women, put on a gangster alimony meter, and then are persecuted by bailiffs, deprived of civil rights to drive a car and travel abroad in the event of a debt.

10 million men in the country are in alimony slavery. Of these, 1.5 million have become debtors and run the risk of receiving an administrative penalty or being imprisoned for having managed to become fathers ( Article 157 of the Criminal Code: failure to pay alimony is punished with correctional labor for a term of up to one year, or compulsory labor for the same term, or arrest for a term of up to three months, or imprisonment for a term of up to one year).

There are constant calls, including from the lips of the Guarantor, to toughen punishments for alimony debtors. Apparently, soon they will flog or quarter.

Every year 45,000 men are imprisoned for non-payment of alimony. This is so logical: if a man cannot pay alimony, then he should be deprived of his human rights and thrown into prison. There, apparently, he will work and pay off his debts.

The author of the article was sentenced to an administrative penalty of 45 hours of compulsory work for the fact that, for objective reasons, he could not pay for 4 months. The court was not interested in the explanations and documents.

The Russian Federation occupies, according to WHO, the infamous first place in the world for male suicide. Every year 45-50 thousand men voluntarily die.

Professional help of psychologists and psychiatrists is almost inaccessible in the country. I have to use home remedies like vodka and t / n / "antidepressants".

There is a quiet civil war with almost no shots or explosions. On one side of the front, women and all the power of the state, which all the time increases pressure and repression, on the other - men, deceived, exploited, powerless suckers, whom women rob by the hands of the state, deprive children, housing, property.

I personally know a man who lost his apartment in the first divorce, but this was not enough for him and in the second divorce he lost his house.

In words from the highest tribunes, the idea of a strong large family is declared. In fact state policy contributes to the destruction of families, the reduction of the birth of children, the reduction of the population as a whole, the replacement of the indigenous population by migrants of a different culture and religion.

Result implementation of such a national idea: 6.5 million children without fathers, millions of human tragedies, broken lives and careers.

There is a strong suspicion that such a policy is being pursued quite deliberately in order to manage and control society.

The following social pyramid has been built:

- at the very top - several tens of thousands of the richest families, consuming natural rent in three throats, for which neither laws nor rules have been written;

- below is a crowd of security officials of 2 million people, who provide the function of guardians in the zone;

- women are a privileged stratum of prisoners who are massively comfortable at all floors of the administrative and bureaucratic pyramid, in all offices and offices, performing dust-free work and having the right, with the support of the state machine, to rob men and parasitize on alimony;

- men - humiliated, brainwashed by propaganda and pop culture, disenfranchised, performing the most difficult and dirty work, subjected to discrimination, oppression, tax and divorce robbery.

The state purposefully destroys the basic structure of civil society - the family - creating all the conditions for its methodical destruction, relying on the mass female electorate, ready to support anything they want for government subsidies and benefits, and spit on the interests and needs of their men. Apparently, the fate of the sons of these women is not interested.

The creative energy of millions of men is channeled into the mainstream of family squabbles, boring lawsuits, the struggle for children, the division of property with ex-wives. The resources of time and money go into a bottomless barrel of divorce. Hundreds and thousands of men find themselves on a social day, lose their homes, jobs, and drink too much.

95% of homeless people in the country are men.

It's hard to believe that this is all by accident. It began more than 100 years ago, when the Bolsheviks adopted decrees on divorces, registry offices and alimony. This policy continues to this day, more and more deteriorating the position of men with new monstrous laws. What are the housing alimony alone? They are going to introduce alimony for the maintenance of ex-wives. Alimony fugitives from this country have already appeared. Men flee from alimony lawlessness.

More and more men are realizing their unenviable position.

MGTOW MD rises in the network. The men's movement, which requires changes, a reasonable, balanced family policy, reflecting the interests of not only women, but also men. Our fathers, sons, brothers, friends.

Otherwise, the National Idea will turn out to be just another empty declaration.

The article uses some theses and statements of the comrade Sergey Mokhrov