Posted 6 сентября 2021,, 11:23

Published 6 сентября 2021,, 11:23

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The fate of human ant-hills: in Germany they are demolished, but here they are exalted

The fate of human ant-hills: in Germany they are demolished, but here they are exalted

6 сентября 2021, 11:23
Civilized countries get rid of cheap giant houses in order to avoid turning them into ghettos, while in Russia the opposite is true.

The popular public "Muscovites against Renovation" actively discusses the latest news from... Germany. The fact is that while human ant-hills are being erected with might and main in Moscow, in all normal countries they are getting rid of them. As, for example, in German Duisburg, where another high-rise building from the "White Giants" series was demolished. The first such building was removed by the city authorities two years ago, the next one is planned to be demolished in 2022.

The area, built in the 1970s, was conceived as a prestigious residential park. But something went wrong and it turned into a ghetto. The first time they tried to save him in the early 2000s, when all the residents were resettled, major repairs were made and another improvement of the area. But the prosperous Germans were in no hurry to move there. As a result, the quarter was again filled with recipients of social benefits and simply marginalized. As a result, they decided to demolish all these buildings completely and build low-rise buildings in their place.

Judging by the photographs: by Moscow standards, this quarter is not so bad - there is greenery, houses, unlike Moscow ones, are not window to window... But for a civilized country, this is already a ghetto.

Public readers are actively sharing similar news:

- In Berlin, in its eastern part, several such houses have been preserved, remaking them into an arthouse, but this is rather an exception. The Germans are a practical people, they count every penny. Serving a human is not a cheap pleasure. We have "swindlers" who steal and do not disdain anything...

- In the States, thirty years or more ago, such houses were also destroyed

- A similar story happened in London in the 1970s. Preserved only a few houses "under the patronage" of the Prince of Wales for the edification of descendants. The Russian capital has its own way...