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Past the cameras and the police: why the pedophile-killer realized his plan

Past the cameras and the police: why the pedophile-killer realized his plan

8 сентября 2021, 08:52
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The terrible crime committed by a pedophile murderer in the Kemerovo region once again confirmed the ineffectiveness of the work of law enforcement agencies.

The murder of two 10-year-old girls in Kiselevsk in the Kemerovo Region by a 41-year-old repeat offender who already had a pedophilia conviction has sparked a new round of violent controversy over the death penalty, while it should be about something completely different. As Novye Izvestia has already reported, in 2009 the detainee was sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexual abuse of a minor. In 2019, the rapist was released, but had to comply with certain restrictions. However, he moved to another city and was not registered as a preventive measure, there was no control over him by law enforcement agencies, and he twice violated the conditions of supervision after his release from the colony.

In connection with this event, Anna Kuznetsova, Commissioner for Children's Rights under the President of Russia, demanded that measures to protect children from pedophiles be tightened as soon as possible:

“Indignation and pain… Children died… Condolences to relatives… How many more tragic situations must happen to finally tighten measures to protect children from pedophiles? For years we have been persistently seeking to toughen the punishment for crimes against the sexual integrity of children".

Margarita Simonyan also fully supported life imprisonment, and explained why:

“Opponents of life imprisonment for pedophiles tell me here: 'What if he repented.'

Repented? Citizens, do you understand what 'repented' means? Do you understand the nature of repentance for such a monstrous crime?

Repented means that he painfully, torturedly realized that he had outraged and took the life of a child, that forgiveness for such a thing could probably be begged from the Lord, but he could not be begged from himself until the end of his days.

Repented means that you doomed yourself to the eternal torture of a sleepless conscience. This means that he humbly and with gratitude acknowledges that on this earth he no longer has the right either to happiness, or to tranquility, or to freedom.

Repented means that he will wear a hair shirt, sit on water and bread, be silent and cry until the end of his days, and as a consolation to accept his life imprisonment, his life deprivation of joy.

For a repentant person, his physical torment, his imprisonment is a gift, a breath of life, a living dream of absolution looming after death.

If so, then yes, he repented. And such a repentant himself will not be released from prison. When they are kicked out, they will immediately go to the monastery or, if the non-believer, will not leave the room, not look at the light of the earth. Because he knows that he did not deserve the privilege of raising his eyes again and again experiencing something, even remotely similar to pleasure and grace.

A repentant person will seek punishment to death. Pain and punishment.

The rest is not remorse. It's just a beer you want, to take a walk on a volyushka, and even with 'girls', as this Kuzbass geek put it, 'feed the pigeons'.

Sometimes good-heartedness, citizens, is a crime in itself.

Lifetime for pedophiles is the only possible opinion of a healthy person..."

However, as is often the case, there were many people who again started talking about the return of the death penalty for this kind of crime. And the most surprising thing here is that among them there are many professional lawyers who, in fact, should know what the introduction of this measure threatens.

Human rights activist, leader of the "Turn over the pedophile" movement Anna Levchenko writes about this:

Lord, how much can you...

Why is this rhetoric every time - they are sitting at our expense ???

And other criminals, well, except for maniacs and pedophiles, are not sitting at your expense? Actually, this is normal, this is the society's payment for safety.

And if you think that the death penalty will cost the state less, then I will disappoint you. Look at the budget for one execution in the United States. This information is publicly available. Economically, it is even more expensive than maintaining one prisoner throughout his life.

As a punishment - life is harder. Many RV inmates beg for the death penalty.

The maintenance of life sentences is akin to prolonged torture. This is a disclaimer for the bloodthirsty.

As a deterrent to maniacs and pedophiles, the threat of death does not work at all, their psyche is not so structured.

And even if suddenly someone gets into the head of introducing the death penalty for pedophilia, then we will get mountains of children's corpses. Because they will kill to cover up the crime and it will not matter whether the child is kept alive or not.

Well, for what happened today in the Kemerovo region - definitely life.

Just stop yelling. Let's turn on the head and work systematically. Coldly and prudently assessing the situation, only in a complex way. And exclusively in a professional manner.

I understand the emotions of the townsfolk.

I don't understand the emotions of professionals..."

Lawyer Alexey Fedyarov fully supports this point of view:

“Yet another murder of minors, committed by a previously convicted person.

Sexual abuse of children.

This happens all the time, at local levels it sounds loud, often goes to the federal level, and then populists of all stripes begin to chew reflexively.

The loudest howling and demanding the death penalty today are those who pass cannibalistic laws, year after year, destroy medicine and education, the constitution and, as a hobby, pensioners. Now howl and demand is the time, ahead of the elections. Albeit a ritual, but a reason to shake off mothballs from desman of various kinds.

For reference. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the period from January to July 2021, more than half (59.4%) of investigated crimes were committed by persons who had previously committed crimes.

295,804 people (57.7%) of the total number of persons who committed crimes were previously convicted. Only those whose convictions have not been cleared or canceled are taken into account.

If you put yourself in the place of the decision maker, then there are no more than two ways.

First. It is boring, long, hard and systematic to work on the inevitability of punishment, on the correction and socialization of criminals.

Second. Demand the death penalty, dance on the bones of murdered children, introduce such an execution, execute, execute and execute sentences, dance on the bones again and demand more executions, demand castration, sterilization, eye-burning and burning in the squares.

The first works, the second doesn't..."

Journalist Kirill Shulika is sure that this crime is completely on the conscience of law enforcement agencies, which are engaged in anything but crime prevention:

“This is the question of" smart and safe cities "with cameras and other gimmicks, where the mouse will not slip. Billions are spent on this, but at best, those who are caught are those who once again went to the rally.

Once again, some man got into the cameras with two girls, with whom he went behind the garages. What else does it take for the police to react? And, of course, the control over criminals is formal. Navalny did not go to be celebrated, he was sent to prison, and this freak regularly went to be celebrated, therefore he was considered respectable and reformed.

This is what you need to do, and not drown the really important things in populist ideas about castration and the death penalty. After all, even Mizulina realized that castration would not save people..."

Meanwhile, it has long been calculated that the death penalty is by no means a cheap pleasure, if we ignore the ethical side of the issue. So only in one state of California, where this punishment is applied (there are 33 states in total), the annual burden on the budget associated with it amounts to huge money.

The study, excerpted in the Los Angeles Times, shows that the death penalty - while not a deterrent or immune to judicial error - is a very heavy burden on the financial system, not just local governments authorities, but also regional and federal. Investigation and litigation costs are borne by the state. The very same procedure for the application of the death penalty is 20 times more expensive than any other procedure related to the administration of justice. Each death sentence costs the state an average of $ 1.1 million more than a life sentence.

The slowness of court procedures plays an important role in these costs. There are few death penalty lawyers in California, and the appeal process takes an average of about 10 years before the appeal itself is heard. And this procedure costs an average of about $ 300 thousand per convict. And when the appeal is rejected, it takes about 25 years between the delivery of the verdict and its execution. Clarence Ray Allen, the last convict in California, was executed at the age of 76. Clarence Ray Allen was injected by lethal injection for a premeditated murder in 1980 only in January 2006 ...

Putting all the numbers together (investigation, trial and detention costs), both experts have a staggering $ 4 billion spent over the past 33 years. For each executed convict, there were $ 308 million (a total of 13 people were executed in the period from 1992-2006). According to their calculations, all 714 convicts on death row and currently in California prisons would cost the state slightly more than $ 184 million a year if they were sentenced to life in prison.