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Published 9 сентября 2021,, 15:30

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Fake vs Reality: the thesis of 100% virginity of Soviet girls was not confirmed

Fake vs Reality: the thesis of 100% virginity of Soviet girls was not confirmed

9 сентября 2021, 15:30
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The widespread postulate that the USSR defeated Nazism, among other things, thanks to the moral purity of its inhabitants, turned out to be a crudely worked out myth.

The fact that the world is ruled by myths has long been known: whose myth is stronger is the main one. Therefore, the Russian authorities are producing myth after myth in order to keep the people in obedience and awe. Myth-making takes on a particularly wide scope before global events in the life of the country. For example, before the elections. Thus, the headquarters of public support for United Russia held a discussion on Wednesday about the threats to Russia, where they traditionally discussed the dangers emanating from both Western countries and Islamic terrorists. The participants also talked a lot about morality. For example, the colonel of the FSB, a participant in the liberation of the hostages in Beslan, Andrey Kumov, reported about a certain sociological study that the Nazis allegedly carried out when they planned to attack the USSR. It turned out that most of the Soviet girls were virgins! It was then that the enemy realized that the USSR was invincible. “That was how clean it was. That's what you need to pay attention to too!", - said Kumov.

In addition to the completely obvious logical substitution that the colonel made, without explaining why, knowing about their inevitable defeat, the Nazis nevertheless invaded the Soviet Union, Kumov simply did not know the real facts. They were brought in instead by the writer and critic Yelena Ivanitskaya. And this is no longer mythical, but real data:

“There is - in different versions - a post-Soviet legend: having established 100 percent (or 90 percent) virginity of Soviet girls, the Nazis understood - “this people cannot be defeated!”. The representatives of the United Russia party reproduced the legend.

In fact, there is data on this topic. There is a report of 1946 " On the question of the sex life of female youth during the siege of Leningrad according to LIPK" (details are in the book "The work of medical researchers in besieged Leningrad" - St. Petersburg: Nestor, 2002. See pp. 22-23)

Among the surveyed 3803 women from 18 to 25 years old, virgins were: among female students - 65%, among soldiers of the Ministry of Defense Industry - 47%, among military personnel - 40%, among workers - 37%, among dependents - 25%".

Let us especially note from ourselves: this data will in no way deface Soviet girls and women! First of all, they were HUMANS to whom nothing human is alien, including, of course, physical intimacy with the opposite sex. And the Soviet Union was never one big monastery where citizens-monks took a vow of celibacy.