Posted 9 сентября 2021, 07:34

Published 9 сентября 2021, 07:34

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"Money for them, but death for us?" People with disabilities complain that they cannot park at hospitals

9 сентября 2021, 07:34
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Moscow disabled people believe that city authorities are cashing in on their problems
Disabled people

Muscovite Andrei Tsvetkov described the problem that he faces almost every day, and as an illustration he shot and posted a video on this topic:

“I look like a healthy man. But it is difficult for me to explain, and it is difficult for you to understand what it is like to live in a diaper or with a catheter. Yes, I have oncology, group 2. And it is all the more terrible when they talk a lot about caring for us, but at the same time some services, such as MADI, simply make money on us. I work with people with disabilities, and the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation was recognized as the best volunteer, but I am bitter and ashamed that I could not save the car from evacuation at the oncological dispensary on Voikovskaya. It is scary to imagine the state of this person, even if in a good car. The stress of a sick person often ends with another operation. The question is: how long?"

From the plot it becomes clear that Tsvetkov was trying to prevent the evacuation of the car with the "Invalid" badge from the parking lot of the oncological hospital. Tsvetkov claims that this case in Moscow is not an isolated one:

“I phoned many disabled organizations, and all with one voice: dozens of fines, no access to social facilities. The worst thing is that, even after winning the court, it is possible to return the paid fine only after 7-11 months".

Readers of Tsvetkov's blog confirm: it is very difficult for a disabled person to park in Moscow, despite specially allocated places:

- By the way, even at hospitals it is almost impossible to park an invalid car everywhere... I was pleasantly surprised at City Clinical Hospital # 1, there such cars are allowed into the courtyard.

- Is it okay that parking spaces for disabled people are constantly occupied by cars of non-disabled people? Explain why? Driving the car into the parking lot at an oncological dispensary (clinic, hospital, etc.) is more difficult than going to the toilet for the disabled: you need to go to the toilet, find information next to it - where, how, and is there any way to find someone responsible for the keys to the toilet - rush to the information desk, which knows where and often not even on the same floor as the toilet, or call on the phone, wait a long time for an answer, and therefore even longer for an employee who is not in a hurry to open the toilet, but treats it as a burdensome duty (and with the hell to hurry?), then listen to his comments (well, in the process, it’s not worth it). So, the situation with parking is even worse!

- Liksutovsky crocodiles are jackals near hospitals with special enthusiasm. They evacuate cynically, not listening to any arguments, on formal grounds. Everyone who often travels there is well aware of this. And they park in the nearby courtyards, from where they get to the reception area by peskodrome. There are hospitals that let you in. This is a plus. Cons: not everyone is allowed in - either only disabled people, or if you agree with the security. It is humanly pity for the disabled person, but he substituted himself, and the plate 8-24 and even with the zone of action is a very harsh thing, especially near Voikovskaya.